Eklipse vs Kapwing: A Head-to-Head Comparison of Video Editing Software

Well, comparing Eklipse vs Kapwing will be a tough process. Both software provides everything that every creator may need. But certainly, using two tools at one time will not be efficient when it comes to content production, right? In the end, you should decide what tool fits more to your needs and expectations.

Every content creator needs editing tools that are packed with a bunch of useful features to help them create stunning content. In addition, they should also be capable of making things easier and saving a lot of time. Due to these visions, Eklipse and Kapwing have been included as good picks to bring creators’ dreams to life. Making it quite harder to choose one over the other.

Therefore, this post will show you what’s better than Kapwing to have to help you decide which is right for you. Let’s jump right in.

1. Comparing Eklipse vs Kapwing: The Register Process

Eklipse vs Kapwing
Sign up to Eklipse with an email, Twitch, or Facebook account

We should first examine the signing-up process. Eklipse and Kapwing are actually web-based tools, which don’t require a download to use. But you’ll need to have an account to access the tools. Both software allow users to seamlessly register with their active email.

In addition to email, Eklipse gives you another option to sign up on its site. You can use your Twitch or Facebook account, while Kapwing lets Facebook as an alternate sign-up process. Now that you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to try all the features within each software. At this point, I think both software deserve the same thumbs up.

Kapwing vs Eklipse
Register yourself to Kapwing using Facebook or email Gmail account

2. The Editing Process Comparison

Now let’s see the editing process of each software. Eklipse is not originally an editing tool just like Kapwing. It specializes in extracting the essence of your stream into engaging highlight clips. To start the editing process, Eklipse offers several options.

Eklipse and Kapwing

Option one, users can simply copy-paste the URL link of the stream they’d like to edit, while another option is to upload the file from the local device. Other than that, Eklipse also allows users to take an alternate route by directly linking Eklipse with users’ social media, such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Discord. Once you’ve connected Eklipse with your socials, it will automatically load your streams.

Kapwing and Eklipse
Connecting Eklipse to other platforms is another way to load your stream – Eklipse vs kapwing twitch

One more interesting thing about Eklipse is the ability to turn the clips into a short and vertical video, which is definitely great for TikTok, Reels, or YouTube Shorts posts. No need for a manual process, since Eklipse can fully handle this all for you.

In addition, Kapwing offers similar features to Eklipse. It allows users to do a drag-and-drop method to import existing files, drop links, and even enables them to get the file from Google Drive and Google Photos easily. It’s also able to edit a streaming video into vertical and short-form version clips.

Kapwing allows users to do the drag-and-drop method to import files, drop links, or get files from GDrive and Google Photos – Eklipse vs kapwing reddit

However, the thing that differentiates Kapwing and Eklipse is the automaticity. Eklipse is more focused on how users can create highlight clips conveniently without spending too much time, while Kapwing stays with the manual process.

In case you want to produce nice videos from scratch, Kapwing has got you covered. So, for those who enjoy the process of video making and don’t mind how much time it’ll take, you’ll be in love with Kapwing. But if you’re looking for a simple, well-equipped, automatic, and time-saving tool, Eklipse is the best answer.

3. Eklipse and Kapwing Editing Features

Editing features are essential to determine whether or not software fits your needs. Let’s break down each other. As previously mentioned, Eklipse offers its users an automatic TikTok converter. I understand that this is certainly not enough for making content that stands out from the crowds. That’s why Eklipse also provides dozens of templates to enhance the look of your clip.

Eklipse "Convert to TikTok" Feature
Eklipse offers a wide range of TikTok templates to spice up your clip – Eklipse vs kapwing video

You can even make it more appealing by adding the colorized channel name, auto-caption, and a catchy, copyright-free soundtrack. Only with several clicks, you’ll be all set. That’s how convenient Eklipse is.

On another hand, when it comes to editing features, I admit that Kapwing might stand in a higher position than Eklipse due to its more complete tools. Well, it’s fair enough since Kapwing is an actual feature-rich editing software. It certainly has a wider editing field and tools, of course.

Kapwing with its complete features

In Kapwing, you can layer your video with multiple videos or photos, and add text, subtitles, elements, emojis, stickers, transitions, effects, and more.

Additionally, Kapwing lets its users collaborate with other creators, even recording a new video from its official site. That’s dope. But it won’t be too perfect unless you like to take a long and complicated road to get your video done. If efficiency is more of your cup of tea, you will not really need it. Really.

Eklipse vs Kapwing AI

On top of that, Eklipse has recently launched more features called Premium Edit. Using this feature, users are able to get their hands on their eye-catching clips without even doing anything. Yep, it’s true. Eklipse editor team will get them covered. Just chill out and everything will be ready in a blink of an eye. You can request subtitles, stickers, memes, transitions, and more just like Kapwing serves. And again, it’s all automatic.

So, now you realized that the number of tools will not always be a priority, right?

4. Eklipse vs Kapwing: Instant Sharing Feature

Assuming you are already done editing your video, the next step is to showcase them to your audience. Well, thankfully, Eklipse enables you to directly share the clip to your socials such as YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook from Eklipse. Simply tick the boxes next to the platform options, and your clip will be successfully airing once you hit the Share Now button.

schedule post on facebook

Alternatively, in case you want to post the clips at a certain time, select the Schedule Post option and set the time when your clip will be posted at. Don’t find any platform where you want your clip to be posted? Don’t worry, just download the clip and upload it manually to Instagram or other social media.

Schedule your post on Eklipse to reach the right target

Unfortunately, Kapwing doesn’t provide an instant sharing feature. All you can do is just export the file once you’ve finished editing the video.

In Kapwing, there’s no instant sharing feature. You’ll need to export the clip before sharing it into your socials

5. Kapwing vs Eklipse: The Pricing Plans

The last aspect we’ll need to discuss is the pricing plan. Both Eklipse and Kapwing offer you some pricing options. Kapwing has four basic plans, which are the free version, the Basic version that costs $10, and the $24-Pro and Team versions, while Eklipse serves the free version and the Premium version starting from $8.33 per month. You can also choose the monthly or annual plan for convenience and more discount. That’s pretty affordable, isn’t it?

Eklipse Premium Plan 2023

What’s more interesting is that Eklipse will never put any watermark on your video, even when you are not a Premium member. Thus, your video will still look professional even without paying a certain amount of money. Meanwhile, Kapwing on another hand will only get rid of the watermark and the opening scene after you subscribe to the Basic, Pro, or Team version.

Only if you purchase the paid version, Kapwing will just get rid of the watermark
The Sign-up Process
Enables users to sign in with email, Twitch, or Facebook account

Users can sign in using email and Facebook account
Editing Process
Allows users to upload a file, drop a link, and instantly load the streams. It’s also able to convert clips into TikTok automatically

-Allows users to upload a file, drops link, and get files from GDrive, but it requires a manual process to get the videos done
Editing Features
TikTok converter, dozen templates, Trimming feature, allows adding channel name, auto-caption, soundtrack, and offers Premium Edit

Allows users to layer video or photo, add stickers, emojis, texts, transitions, subtitles, and effects, and enables to create video from scratch
Instant Sharing Feature
Enables users to post clips on TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook, also schedule post

Can only export file
The Pricing Plans
Offers reasonable prices with exclusive features. The free version will not include a watermark

More expensive plans. The free version involves a watermark


Determining which one can serve better than the other in Eklipse vs Kapwing battle is a sort of tough decision. Both are great in many ways. While Kapwing stays in its manual service, Eklipse focuses on giving automatic service, making it more convenient for all customers.

But if you are sure to start your streaming career, remember that you’ll be tied up on your many to-do lists sooner or later. So, the best thing you can prepare now is to choose the time-saving tool, that will also help you to get your things done without even sweating.

I personally will choose Eklipse as my preferred editing studio. Still hesitating? Try Eklipse for free and experience the impressive power of AI editing. Don’t miss out—sign up now and watch your content go viral!

In case you are still confused about which video editing tool is the best fit for you, our comparison articles on Eklipse and other software like Powder.gg, Sizzle, Medal, and JoinCombo can help you make a decision you won’t regret. Head over to our blog and read them down!

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