Eklipse.gg vs VEED.io: Level Up Your Video Editing Game in 2024

Are you looking for a VEED alternative free? If so, you should check out this of Eklipse vs VEED.io review 2024 before making your decision.

Both Eklipse.gg and VEED.io offer powerful features and unique personalities for streamers, such as fast and seamless video processing. However, which one is the best video editing app for free?

Let’s take a closer look and see how these AI video generator platforms compare.

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What is better than VEED io?

Eklipse is a better option than VEED io, in many aspects. This an AI video editor lets you convert Twitch, YouTube, and gaming highlights videos into viral TikTok, Reels, and Shorts for free with lots of unlocked features.

Eklipse offers a much more generous free plan than VEED, with the following benefits:

  • Add auto caption, channel name stickers, popular template
  • Upload your own image/GIF/template
  • Schedule posts
  • Get YouTube highlights from YT videos (including podcasts, product reviews, talk shows, commentaries, and educational content)
  • 720p clips
  • Get gaming highlights from Twitch, YouTube, Facebook
  • Uploading local VOD and processing 6-hour streams (new user)

Is there a free version of VEED? VEED has a free plan as well, but it comes with many limitations; meanwhile its premium pricing is quite expensive for some users.

Eklipse: The Gamer’s AI Sidekick

Imagine this: you’re in the midst of an epic online battle, your fingers flying across the keyboard as you dominate the competition. Suddenly, that one, jaw-dropping moment unfolds – a perfectly timed snipe, a game-winning play that deserves immortalization. But who has the time to sift through hours of footage when the adrenaline is pumping?

This is where Eklipse.gg swoops in like a digital knight in shining armor. This free AI-powered tool is tailor-made for streamers and content creators, seamlessly integrating with Kick, Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook to automatically capture your most glorious moments. No more combing through endless VODs – Eklipse.gg does the dirty work for you, using its smart algorithms to identify highlights and generate epic clips ready for sharing to social media.

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But Eklipse.gg’s arsenal doesn’t stop there. Think voice-command editing, where you can shout commands like “clip it” and have it instantly marked in your footage. Or how about AI-powered captions that magically appear, making your content accessible to everyone? Eklipse even throws in a dash of playful flair with stickers and emojis, letting you add a touch of personality to your videos.

Of course, for those who crave even more power, Eklipse offers a Premium plan that unlocks the full potential of its AI engine. High-resolution exports, extended processing times, and a treasure trove of storage space become your playground, letting you craft truly pro-level content.

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VEED.io: The All-Round Editing Maestro

While Eklipse caters to the pulse-pounding world of gaming, VEED.io takes a more versatile approach. This online platform welcomes creators of all walks, from educators crafting engaging tutorials to social media mavericks whipping up viral masterpieces.

VEED.io boasts a sleek and intuitive interface, making it a breeze to navigate even for editing newbies. Its AI smarts extend beyond just generating captions, offering features like automatic scene detection and smart trimming to help you sculpt your videos to perfection.

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But VEED.io’s true magic lies in its expansive toolbox. Need to add a dash of text to your masterpiece? VEED.io has you covered with customizable fonts and animations. Want to soundtrack your creation with the perfect tune? Its built-in music library and sound effects are at your disposal. Feeling fancy? Throw in a screen recording or two, or even transcribe your video’s audio to text for maximum accessibility.

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VEED.io also understands the power of collaboration. Its real-time features allow you to work on projects with your team, sharing edits and feedback seamlessly. No more endless email chains or confusing version control – VEED.io keeps everyone on the same page, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

Of course, with great power comes a price tag (not too hefty, though). VEED.io offers a freemium model, giving you a taste of its editing prowess without breaking the bank. But for those who hunger for more, the Pro plan unlocks the full potential of the platform, with longer video lengths, higher export quality, and priority support to keep your creative engine humming.

The Verdict: Choosing Your Champion

FocusGamers, Content CreatorsContent Creators
AI HighlightsAutomatic detection and clipping of epic momentsLimited auto-clipping, more focus on manual editing, Auto-subtitles, scene detection, smart trimming
AI-Powered ExtrasAutomatic highlight generation, voice-activated editing, AI captions, stickers, emojisCaptions, scene detection, smart trimming, stock library, music & sound effects
IntegrationsSeamless integration with Kick, Twitch, YouTube, FacebookN/A
Free PlanLimited features, includes watermarkLimited features, includes watermark
StrengthsGamer-centric features, AI highlight generation, voice-activated editing, playful styleVersatile editing tools, AI features, intuitive interface, collaboration features
WeaknessesAdvanced features in Premium planFree plan limitations, less focus on AI-powered editing
Pricingstarts from $19.99/monthstarts from $12/month
Overall AppealIdeal for streamers and gamers seeking effortless highlight creation and playful editingIdeal for diverse creators seeking a well-rounded editing platform with various tools and AI features

Overall Winner for Streamers: Eklipse.gg takes the crown with its dedicated focus on gamers, AI-powered highlight generation, and voice-activated editing. Eklipse even supported general content creators who produce talking videos. It’s an all-in-one tool!

However, VEED.io shines for its versatile editing tools and AI features for non-gaming content creators.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Try both platforms, explore their features, and see which one clicks with your style. After all, the most important ingredient in any editing recipe is your unique creative spark.