Kick: A Game-Changer in the Streaming Industry?

The online streaming industry has been dominated by platforms like Twitch and YouTube for years. However, a new platform called Kick is aiming to disrupt the market with its creator-friendly policies and impressive revenue splits. Currently in beta, Kick is backed by Tyler ‘Trainwreck’ Niknam, a popular streamer, and has attracted star power for its launch.

The New Platform Promises Better Revenue Splits and Same-Day Payouts for Creators

Kick: Transforming Streaming with Top Creators and Revenue Splits (Image credit:

Kick positions itself as a platform that prioritizes content creators, offering significantly better revenue sharing policies compared to its competitors. While Twitch offers a 50-50 subscriber revenue split and YouTube provides a 70-30 split, Kick promises an impressive 95-5 ratio.

Additionally, the platform offers a 100% split on Kicks, the platform’s regular donation service. This means that creators can benefit from same-day payouts instead of waiting for a monthly check, a feature that could attract both established and aspiring creators alike.

Advertisers Footing the Bill

To sustain its generous revenue sharing policies, Kick plans to partner with leading advertisers to generate cash flow. Trainwreck believes that by creating the best incentives for creators, the platform will attract top talent, which will, in turn, bring in the best advertisers. This strategy is designed to create a self-sustaining cycle that benefits both creators and advertisers while maintaining the platform’s financial stability.

Though the ownership of Kick remains unconfirmed, there are indications that, a crypto gambling site, may be backing the project. Job listings posted by Australia-based start-up Easygo state that “ is a new venture created by the founders of Easygo and”

Additionally, Stake accounts created and previously moderated the Kick subreddit. While Stake has yet to confirm any ownership of the platform, it’s worth noting that they were a major sponsor of Trainwreck on Twitch before being banned on the platform.

Big Names Signing with Kick

Kick has already managed to bring several celebrity content creators on board. Among the big names that have joined the platform are Adin Ross and Corinna Kopf. These signings demonstrate Kick’s commitment to attracting top talent and building a strong roster of creators, helping to establish the platform as a major player in the streaming world.

Chess grandmaster and streamer Hikaru was announced as the first major signing in Kick’s streaming roster. Hikaru, one of the most prominent personalities in the global chess scene, has played a significant role in popularizing chess online through his Twitch and YouTube channels.

His addition to Kick’s platform signals the company’s intent to bring established creators on board and further solidify its position in the streaming industry.

Get Ready for Kick’s Clip Feature

Kick is planning some cool features that creators and viewers will love. Trainwreck recently tweeted that Kick is working on a clip feature to help boost streamers’ discoverability. Clips are short video snippets taken from live streams that viewers can easily share, helping streamers gain more visibility. Trainwreck says Kick’s clip system will be even better than Twitch’s .

Trainwreck also stated that the new clip system would be “TikTok-like,” which similar with our Twitch to tiktok converter, suggests that it would offer a more curated selection of clips that are tailored to each user’s interests.

A Promising Future for Kick

With its impressive revenue split and the signing of celebrity creators like Chess Granmaster Hikaru, Adin Ross, and Corinna Kopf, Kick is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the streaming industry. As more creators join the platform and it continues to develop, it will be interesting to see how Kick evolves and how competitors respond to this emerging challenger.

If Kick can maintain its momentum and continue to attract top talent, it has the potential to significantly impact the streaming landscape.