Top 5 Kick Stream Extension: Tools to Grow Your Channel

Tired of experiencing slow growth on your Kick streaming channel? Go ahead and try adding these Kick stream extensions to see the difference instantly!

Kick stream extension or also known as third-party apps, can be incredibly useful for streamers to grow their viewership, enhance the appearance of their streams, and engage with their audience.

In this article, we will discuss five Kick stream extension download that can greatly improve your streaming experience. Let’s go!

1. Eklipse – Kick Stream Extension to Clip Your Stream Automatically

Eklipse is a fantastic Kick stream extension that helps streamers expand their presence on social media.

It features an AI tool that automatically clips your live-stream content and has an online video editor that allows you to convert it into TikTok videos. With Eklipse, you can easily repurpose your best moments from streams and reach a wider audience on platforms like TikTok.

You can check out our guides on how to automatically clip Kick streams and how to edit Kick clips for TikTok to learn more.

2. BotRix – Chatbot, Stream Alerts, and More

Kick stream extension reddit

BotRix is a powerful and user-friendly tool that streamers can use to enhance their streams and interact with viewers. It offers various features and is free to use. If you’re looking to improve your stream quality, BotRix is worth checking out.

This Kick stream extension Chrome helps you moderate your chat, add stream alerts, and many more interactive elements that make your stream more engaging.

3. Blerp – Soundboard for your viewers

kick extensions for PC and smartphone

Blerp is an exciting Kick stream extension android and PC that allows viewers to participate in your stream by paying to share sounds or using earned channel points.

Sound redemptions through Blerp bring a fun and interactive element to your stream, keeping viewers entertained and involved. It’s a great way to create a sense of community and engagement among your audience.

4. Own3d – Overlay and chatbot

kick extension firefox

Own3dTV is an essential Kick extension Firefox/Chrome that offers a variety of tools for streamers. It includes chat commands, alerts, and overlays to customize your stream and make it visually appealing. With Own3dTV, you can enhance viewer engagement and create a unique streaming experience that stands out.

5. Streamlabs – All-in-one streaming suite

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Streamlabs is a popular suite of tools designed to assist streamers in creating and managing their livestreams. It provides a streaming platform, a chat bot, a donation system, and many other features to help streamline your streaming process. Streamlabs better Kick extension simplifies managing your stream, interacting with viewers, and providing a smooth viewing experience.


These five Kick extensions are excellent resources for streamers looking to grow their channels, enhance their stream quality, and engage with their viewers.

Each extension offers unique features that can benefit your streaming career. Take the time to explore these extensions, experiment with their functionalities, and elevate your streaming experience. Good luck on your streaming journey, and happy streaming!

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