Best 7 YouTube Video Downloader for PC To Try in 2023

If you want to watch your favorite YouTuber content without always streaming online, you’ll definitely need a YouTube video downloader for PC. Well, this tool can help you save your favorite YouTube video with ease.

By downloading the video into your local library, you can enjoy the video anytime and anywhere, even when there’s no internet connection around you. Moreover, you can save data usage as well.

Here we serve you our handpicked list of the best YouTube video downloaders for PC. Fret not, since most of them feature an attractive and efficient user interface. Come, let’s discover them together.

1. iTubeGo: One of The Best YouTube Video Downloader for PC

iTubeGo Official
iTubeGo enables users to set the video format and resolution | Source: iTubeGo

The first YouTube video download software you can try is iTubeGo. This software allows you to download any video from any website or video streaming channel, such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Not only video, but you can also extract the audio from the video itself in MP3 or MP4 format.

Additionally, this software is compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone devices, or even Android. So, you can download any video from YouTube anywhere and anytime. How about the quality? Well, chill out, buddies. Besides the format, iTubeGo enables you to set the video quality as well. Set it from 480p to 8K or more. That’s dope, right?

Now, you can watch your favorite YouTube video all the time without worrying about the internet connection, data, or quality of the video.

2. ByClick Downloader and Its Features

ByClick is another option for YouTube video downloaders. Similar to iTubeGo, ByClick also offers a wide option of resolutions, from 780p, 1080p, to 8K. However, ByClick offers more format options than iTubeGo. Those are MP3, FLV, AVI, WAV, and more.

However, while iTubeGo is only available on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android, ByClick also gives the same opportunity to all Ubuntu. users. And as the name suggests, ByClick will process your video only in one click!

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On top of that, ByClick is capable of downloading the subtitles from the video as well, and it even attaches the information related to the video or music, such as the artist, title, etc.

If you are interested in the Premium version, you can pay and get the special features. You can edit or cut the MP3 files, download private YouTube videos, and most importantly, it’s ad-free!

3. 4K Video: Another Most-Recommended YouTube Video Downloader for PC

As one of the popular video downloaders, 4K Video has its own special features to enjoy. First, it’s undoubtedly free and it enables you to download a full playlist on YouTube.

4K Video Downloader for PС
Source: 4K Video

Don’t worry about missing out on favorite videos from your favorite channel, as the 4K Video Downloader will ring you with any updates. So you can still keep up-to-date about your favorite YouTuber even when you are not always streaming online and download every new and upcoming video for you as well. You won’t find this feature on the other software. Guarantee!

Additionally, this software is also user-friendly. To access this software, you’ll need to install the software, copy the URL of the video you want to download, paste it into the 4K Video bar, and Bingo! Your video is ready to download.

4. All My Tube Professional Tool

Like other common video downloader software, All My Tube provides you a place where you can enjoy videos offline from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, even BBC, Tumblr, or other popular sites.

The good thing that comes from this software is, All My Tube can download videos as simply as other software, but 3 times faster and smarter.

In addition, you can get this cool software on Android, iPhone devices, Macbook, or Windows. It is not only a simple tool but also flexible. Just give it a try now.

5. Video Proc And Its Editing Feature

This probably could be the best YouTube video downloader for PC you will ever find. It is because Video Proc has everything in one package. 

Unlike other software that can only download video and extract the audio, Video Proc also provides you many editing features. You can crop, merge, cut, add subtitles, and even apply the effect for the downloaded video.

Even more impressive, the software can download videos 47 times faster than any other. How incredible it is!

But even if Video Proc gives you those heavenly features, it still prioritizes the user interface. Only with three clicks, you will succeed to get your favorite videos in your pocket.


y2mate allows you to download YouTube videos only with copy-pasting the link | Source: Berita DIY

Looking for online tools to help you save YouTube videos conveniently? If so, might be what you are expecting. Unlike other software that requires download to use, you can immediately access the website to start using the tool.

Once you get there, simply copy-paste the URL link of the video you want to save, set the format and resolution, and voila! All done! On top of that, since it is 100% web-based software, you’ll be able to access it from any devices. Be it a Windows PC, Mac, mobile devices, or anything. All you need is only an internet connection and that’s it.


Those who often download YouTube videos may be familiar with this site. is one of the most popular software to help you save your favorite content.

Similar to, this applies copy-paste method. Bring the YouTube content to your device in seconds!


Every YouTube video downloader for PC has its own advantages. Basically, most of them have similar main features. So, it is now your turn to decide what is the best software for you to download your favorite videos.

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