How to add original audio on Instagram Reels

Add original audio and make your Reels unique

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Adding original audio to your Instagram Reels, will go a long way in making sure your clips are unique. A big part of that is choosing the sound of your clips, which is a basic editing technique you should know when using Reels!

You can add music from Instagram’s own library, record your Reels with your phone’s music playing in the background, or adding a voice over! Read on to know how to add original audio to Instagram Reels!

Add background music to Instagram Reels

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The easiest way to spice up your Reels is to add background music, which you can add either before or during recording.

  1. Launch the Instagram App, and navigate to either your Story or your Camera icon.
  2. Tap on the Reels tab and then the Audio icon to select a song before you record.
  3. The other way is to shoot your Reel, and then tap on the Audio icon, selecting your choice of music from the available options!
  4. You can now select a specific portion of the song too!
  5. When you’ve chosen your song and the relevant portion, tap the Share button!

You can even adjust the audio mix/volume while adding stickers and text to your reel before sharing!

These are a few tips to help you get the perfect song choice if Instagram’s choices aren’t to your liking:

  • Use the Search button at the top to find the music or song of your choice.
  • Tap on See More to view additional songs.
  • Tap on the Play icon next to the song to preview it before adding it to your Reel.

Things aren’t set in stone though. Change your song by tapping the Delete icon and repeat the process to add audio to your Reel.

Using Trending Music in Reels

So you saw a Reel on Instagram and you’re instantly smitten. Instagram has made it easier for you to use such music in your Reels; just tap the name of the song at the bottom of the Reel that interests you.

You’ll arrive at the Audio page of the chosen song, from where you can either use it in your own Reels at that instant, or save it for later use!

Adding your original Audio to Reels

Add original audio to Instagram Reels
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Sometimes Instagram may not have the audio or music that you want. In this scenario, you’ll want to play the music from your phone while you’re recording your Reels. Bear in mind, Instagram may label your audio with the appropriate artist name.

Add your own voice to Reels

If adding a voiceover to your epic Reels is something that is more up your alley, we’re here to show you how! Reel’s Voice Over Feature, signified by the microphone symbol, is how you can add a voiceover to your video, and even mix it in with existing music!

Tap the red button and record your audio, and you can even add multiple recordings at different parts of the Reel!

Mixing Audio on Reels

If you want to use both music and your own voiceover, you can use the Mix Audio icon at the top of the screen, where you can adjust the balance of both audio sources.

If you forgot to add music or audio to your Reel, never fear! No need to delete your hard work, just open the Reel edit screen and tap on the Mix Audio icon, and choose the Add Music function!

Knowing how to upload Instagram Reels at the correct time is the next step, which is easily explained in our handy guide!


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