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Kapwing Alternatives You Need To Try In 2022

As a streamer, you’ll need a sort of video editor tool that allows you to modify, and create a video before you post it on the streaming platform. For an option, there are a lot of online editing tools you can find on the internet, such as Kapwing. This article is going to give you some of the best Kapwing alternatives to support your editing journey.

What Is Kapwing?

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Kapwing is one of the most intuitive online tools that can help you to manage your video. You can either trim, cut, add music background, or any other actions to your clip here. No need for the extra effort in launching additional applications on your device. Otherwise, you can just visit its official sites and get your video done automatically.

What’s special about Kapwing, it has several tools you can choose from. There are a video editor, meme generator, subtitler, converter, and many more!

Why Do You Have To Try Any Kapwing Alternatives ?

It’s good if you have your favourite tool to help you manage your stuff, such as this Kapwing. However, you still need some alternatives to try just in case Kapwing can’t provide you with the specific features to make some changes to your video.

Or else, we never know when sites will down because of the internet issues or something else, right? That’s why this alternative can be the best choice after all. Let’s go check on it.

The Best Kapwing Alternatives You Can Try

From dozens of online video editors, we have recapped the top 7 Kapwing alternatives that are worth trying. Here they are:

Wideo: The First Option of Kapwing Alternatives

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One of the best online editor tools is Wideo. Same as Kapwing, this platform is free to use with several additional paid features on it. Additionally, this platform has something you can’t find on Kapwing, such as putting animation to the video.

Other than that, you can also make a professional marketing video in just a few clicks using this platform. You’ll only need to pay $59 for a month. Generated with AI, it’s possible to create everything automatically, record, and share it with the customer.


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Another great tool driven by AI is Multimedia 5. This will be the best choice for you if you’re going to make a professional presentation regarding your product in just a few seconds.

Some interesting features that will give you more convenience are brand overlay, video stabilization, social sharing, and more. Aside from that, you can access this freely just by visiting the official site. However, if you want to get more premium features, you can pay $54 only per month. Cheaper than the previous tool, isn’t it?

Teyuto: Another alternative to Kapwing

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Talking about the best video editor tool will be incomplete without mentioning Teyuto. This tool is perfect if you wish to make a professional video for branding your company or products. 

In addition, this platform has the special features you’ll only find here such as audience engagement, live chat, customizable branding, and even video monetization. That sounds spectacular, right?

All you need to do is just upload the video, set the pricing, and let it do the rest. Well, you’ll be spending an amount of money to get it done indeed. But it’s actually worth it! No need for any complicated things, no need to be an expert on the coding skill, you can just get it all with it. Interesting to try it.

Eklipse: The Best Kapwing Alternatives

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Eklipse might be the most convenient editing tool you’ve ever found. Why? That’s because you can do all the editing stuff automatically using this tool. Most importantly, it’s actually a free sign up and free service. Such a double combo.

What you need to do in terms of creating a great video clip is just attach the video URL from other platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, or anything else. Then. Just let’s see what the AI can do to your video.

In addition to picking up the best streaming moment to be an HD clip, you can also create music videos, montages, and even TikToks. More importantly, you can just share it to other platforms once you finished editing immediately from this software. That’s such an efficient tool after all.

Nonetheless, before doing it all, you must connect your Eklipse account to your Facebook, Twitch, or YouTube account. So that it’ll be easier to clip the best part of your video.

Try Best Clipping Software Now! is an AI highlight generator and video editor that automatically creates highlight clips from your game streams. Simply click below and try it.


Free Online Video Compressor | VEED
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Do you want to make some changes to your video before showing it to the public? Try This is another online editor that provides you with very convenient services and a friendly interface. In its simplicity, there hide many great things to help you make up your video.

You can get everything you need here. Trimming the length of the video, adding a sound instantly, converting, making a teleprompter for zoom, anything. Other than that, you can also choose the template that suits well with your video.

Fleeq: Another Compact Kapwing Option

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Trying to find more alternatives? Easy, we still have Fleeq on the list. This intuitive platform can give you complete services regarding video making. No need for good skill in editing, you can just put your trust in its system.

Fleeq is capable of embedding, localising, optimizing, and even sharing the video to the employees, customers, and partners instantly. In addition, something that makes this platform sound interesting is the fact that it’s able to translate the videos into various languages. That’s actually crazy!

Wrapping up, if you’re looking for a small-complete package, Fleeq is going to be the best option for you. Try it now.


Kapwing online alternatives
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The last recommendation for an online editing tool is Pixelayers. This is probably the most friendly and intuitive tool of all. However, you can find many interesting features here that might be able to help you produce a nice video.

In terms of rendering, you will not find any longer time. No more wasting time waiting for the rendering process. It’ll only take several minutes. Besides, Pixelayers is also capable of sharing simultaneously on any platform. 


Kapwing might be the best online video editor that can provide you with many convenient and amazing features to get your video done. However, you have to take a look at the Kapwing alternatives here, just in case, it’s inaccessible at a certain time.