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Easy way to clip on Twitch

Twitch is a streaming platform for gamers who want to develop a solid fan base and earn revenue. Viewers can tune in to the broadcasts of their favorite streamers and enjoy the streams. But this is not all, as a content creator and streamer on Twitch, you can save a collection of clips for your viewers to watch.

Twitch Clip Manager: Clip on Twitch

Clip on Twitch allows you to save highlights from your streams and show them to your subscribers and viewers. Since the launch of this feature, Twitch streamers, have saved tons of clips on their channels. With these many clips on your Twitch channel, it becomes harder to manage them.

The solution? Say hello to the Twitch clips manager. Twitch Clips manager provides you with a convenient way to organize all your Twitch clips. Let’s learn more about this feature.

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Twitch clips manager: How does it work?

Twitch has recently moved their Clips Manager (also known as My Clips) into their video manager. Any clips that you create or your viewers create will be stored there. You might be wondering how it will help you organize everything. With Twitch clips manager, you will be able to sort your clips by recency, game, date, or channel.

You’ll easily be able to find the clips that are most popular and will be able to share them online. Twitch Clips manager also allows you to conveniently edit and delete your clip titles. You can just get rid of the clips that did not perform well on Twitch. This way, you will keep your clip collection clean and organized.

How to access Twitch clips manager

Twitch clips manager is available for all Twitch users. If you want to use this clips manager, go to the “clips’ tab on your video manager. You can also click the clips manager on the top-right menu of any clips viewing page. Once you click it, you will automatically be redirected to the clips manager.

Make and Share Clips

According to Twitch guide for clip manager: Clips can be created by hovering over the video player and clicking the Clip icon. You may additionally also create a clip using the keyboard shortcut Alt + X on Windows or  + X on Mac.

Clip on twitch
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When you click the Clip icon or using the keyboard shortcut, a new clip creation page will be opened in a new tab for you. On this page you can select the video segment you wish to include in the final published clip using the slider below the video. Give your clip a title and click the Publish button once you’re finished.

Filtering Clips by Twitch clips manager

To see a channel’s well-known clips explore the channel’s video tab. Click the dropdown and select Clips on the Videos tab. You can filter a channel by the most seen clips in 24 hours, a week, a month and more.


Twitch clips manager is an excellent feature for conveniently organizing all your clips. If you are a Twitch streamer, you should use this feature to the fullest for managing your streaming clips and highlights.

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