Eklipse Schedule Feature: Clip Effortlessly and Share Post at the Right Time!

Eklipse is an AI-powered software that is capable of clipping and converting streams into bite-size videos. What makes this tool special is it will make you get away from manual editing process. Yes, Eklipse wholeheartedly offers an automatic service that will allow you to process your videos in the easiest way. Say bye to any time-consuming process.

Don’t fret about flat and boring clips, because Eklipse provides bountiful FREE incredible templates to choose from. Once your clips are ready, share them immediately on your social media in just a couple of clicks!

Additionally, Eklipse could be the best companion to help you go viral and achieve popularity on every platform due to its capability in scheduling your clip. That means you are able to set up when to publish your content for the best result.

Why Do We Need Schedule Time To Publish Clip?

Why Need Schedule Time To Publish Your Clip
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Good content will be meaningless if nobody sees it. That’s why publishing content at the right time is necessary to increase your discoverability, so people can easily find your video, especially when you have added the right hashtags to your post.

To make sure that your content can reach your target audience at the time they’re online, you’ll need to observe their screening behavior and find the best time to publish your content on social media. Once you’ve known it, you can immediately set it to publish later.

How to Schedule your Post in Eklipse?

Fortunately, scheduling clip in Eklipse is super easy. Get a closer look at the guide below.

  1. First of all, go to Eklipse site and make sure that you have edited your clip.

  2. Then, find your edited clip under the Edited Clips option.

    How to Schedule Your Clip in Eklipse

  3. Click on the specific clip you want to share.

  4. Under the video preview, click the Share option.

    schedule post on facebook

  5. Click on the platform option where you will publish your clip later.

    schedule post on instagram

  6. Afterward, give it a title, description, and more.

    schedule post on facebook

  7. Finally, hit the Schedule Post button at the bottom of the screen.

  8. Set the exact time when you’ll post your clip on social media and hit Schedule.

Voila! Now you can sit back and enjoy your free time while your social media account is still actively posting content. Don’t let your fans miss out on your best masterpiece!
Stay tuned to our blog for more updates and tutorials about Eklipse, streaming tips, and games. Happy clipping!

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