How to post high definition videos on Instagram


High Definition – Because no one likes watching videos filmed on a potato

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High Definition Videos and Instagram

Unsure of how to post a high definition (HD) video to Instagram? Look no further!

When it comes to video content, HD is king. But Instagram sets its own rules when it comes to video ratios. Whether you’re posting in a 1:1 ration or a 9:16 IGTV video, you’ll want to make sure your video is at the best quality it can possible be!


Why is High Definition important?

Would you engage with a pixelated, blurry video? If you’re a streamer, content creator, vlogger, or just posting cute videos of your pets, your followers will want to see the action with crystal clarity! Well produced videos can mean the difference between gaining crucial followers, or being lost in a sea of mediocrity. Learn why posting a high definition video to Instagram can be a problem.

Instagram and High Definition Videos

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Even after recording in full HD and getting everything seemingly right, your videos still come out grainy when you upload to Instagram. So, what gives?. In a word; Compression. Data servers can only handle so much! And there is no way to bypass compression.

Compression is built right into the upload process. Would that mean that you’re completely devoid of control when it comes to your videos looking less than stellar? Yes… and no.

How to post on Instagram in high definition?

So if there’s no way to avoid compression, how can you make your video look epic? How can you post a high definition video on Instagram?

Step 1: High Definition Preparation

Research ahead of time, and know whether you’re posting on your news feed or IGTV. Determine how much standard compression Instagram may apply, and do it yourself before uploading. Odds are your video will pass through the compression checkpoint with minimum losses! Export your video in the proper settings to ensure highest source quality.

Step 2: Lighting and High Definition 4K Videos

4K high definition videos cannot be uploaded to Instagram without facing compression. However, shooting in 4K and then editing your video can give you greater control over how the final product looks online.

Ensure adequate lighting when shooting, because the first thing to suffer during an upload compression is, you guessed it, lighting. When lighting is affected, the quality of video as a whole goes down. Shoot with lighter backgrounds, pay attention to detail and manifest a great looking final product!

Step 3: High Definition Video Editing Software

Editing and compressing your video through professional level tools such as Adobe Premier or Sony Vegas is what will put you a cut above the rest. Carefully enhance your video using filters, color correction and other tools will lead to an overall polished product beforehand, rather than Instagram putting it through a cookie cutter algorithm!

Step 4: Watch before you Upload!

Once you’ve completed the production process, its time to share! But there’s that nagging feeling at the back of your mind that something may go wrong. Well once you’ve selected your video to be part of your newsfeed or IGTV, Instagram gives a welcome preview to your file!

Play it back, watch for video artefacts or odd lighting, and get back to the drawing board before hitting the ‘Post’ button if need be!

When it comes to Instagram, video content is king. Always ensure you are aware of Instagram’s video policy, and formats. If you’re ever in any doubt, Instagram has a helpful FAQ page to answer your questions!

Now you’re all caught up on posting in high definition to Instagram! If you’re streamer, you can use Eklipse, an A.I tool to post high definition game clips to your profile! We have a helpful guide on our website to walk you through capturing your best gaming highlights!

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