TikTok Shadowban – What is it and how to get unshadowbanned

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If you’re not careful, the very social media that brings you fame, can take it away in the form of a shadowban. But what exactly is a TikTok shadowban? How and why do platforms such as TikTok deploy these bans? How do you get unshadowbanned?

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What is a Shadowban?

TikTok’s algorithm limits your reach automatically, which results in a shadowban. They usually occur to protect other users against spam, copyright issues, or adult content. The ‘shadow’ part of the ban refers to users not realising that they’ve stopped receiving likes, views and traffics from the ‘For You’ page.

During a TikTok shadowban, your videos and content will not:

  • be visible in the search results
  • be visible on the feed
  • get new followers
  • receive likes from others
  • get comments from others

How long is a shadowban?

When TikTok first started out, these shadowbans lasted for mere 24 hours. Hardly enough time to truly affect your reach. But TikTok accounts can now be shadowbanned for up to 2 weeks! This will most definitely result in a drop in views and subsequently your followers. You will also be unable to add any tags or make new videos on TikTok unless they’re public.

Why am I shadowbanned?

Spam Behavior

We get it, you’re new to the platform and want to make an impact. You go on a liking and following spree, in the hopes to grow your own followers. Unfortunately, this may make you look like a spammer, which in turn alerts the TikTok algorithm. The quick fix? Slow it down.

Inappropriate Content

If you’re posting videos or comments that violate community guidelines, odds are that you will get shadowbanned. Inappropriate content may include hate speech, incitement to violence, fake news, copyrighted material or nudity. Watch what you post, and always read up on guidelines if unsure.

How to get unshadowbanned on TikTok

Can you unshadowban your account? The simple answer is: yes!

Uninstall and Reinstall TikTok

Yes, it is REALLY that simple. Start off by deleting your most recent video and monitor how your account is doing. If that doesn’t work, uninstall and then reinstall the TikTok app.

Go pro! Switch to a TikTok Pro Account

With a TikTok Pro Account, you’ll be able to see detailed analytics on how people interact with your posts. There is always a chance that you aren’t shadowbanned and just need to reevaluate the kind of videos you’re making!

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Take a break

Instead of continuing to make content and putting out there for no one to see, consider taking a break. Uninstall, reinstall and clear your app cache and take a few days off. This way you can come up with fresh ideas to create, while letting the shadowban take its course.

Keep it clean

Read up on TikTok’s community guidelines and make sure that you’re abiding by them. You’ll most likely be unbanned once you clear your account of any content that may violate guidelines.

Avoid spam and avoid a TikTok Shadowban

Another surefire way to get shadowbanned is to spam follows, likes and comments in a bid to get others to follow you. The TikTok algorithm will identify you has a robot or a spammer and will deploy the shadowban. Take it slow, and build up your following organically rather than trying to force it.


Social media can be a wonderful tool to connect with people and spark creativity. However there ARE certain rules you have to abide by to avoid shadowbans. The good thing is that these guidelines are usually straightforward so even if you are banned, your account will most likely be back up to speed soon enough!

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