YouTube Shorts Monetization Guide: How Much Does Shorts Pay Me for 1 Million Views?

Ever wondered how much YouTube Shorts pay for 1 million views? Unlike traditional videos, Shorts monetization doesn’t require individual activation. Simply create engaging content, promote it, and watch the AdSense payments roll in!

Curious about the actual payout for 1 million views? This article explores real-world earnings reported by Shorts creators. Get ready to discover the truth behind Shorts monetization!

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What are YouTube Shorts?

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YouTube Shorts, similar to TikTok, lets users create and watch short-form videos. These videos can be up to 60 seconds long and incorporate music and various creative tools. The best part? YouTube Shorts is now available worldwide. This means you can connect with a global audience and potentially turn your passion into profit.

While Shorts monetization isn’t a direct “double income” alongside your regular YouTube channel, you can become eligible for the YouTube Shorts Fund (or even ad revenue sharing) alongside your existing monetization options.

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Does YouTube Pay Per View?

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While it might seem straightforward, YouTube doesn’t directly pay per view. You earn money when viewers watch ads displayed during your videos. So, the key question becomes: “How much can I earn per ad view on YouTube?”

To get this, you need to understand the difference between video views and ad views.

  • Video Views: This refers to the total number of times your video is watched, regardless of ads.
  • Ad Views: This counts the number of times ads are actually seen within your video.

YouTube shares revenue generated from the ad space within your videos. This means you only earn when viewers watch ads, not simply for every video view. The more ad views your video receives, the higher your potential earnings.

Monetizing with YouTube Shorts: A Realistic Look

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Earning money with YouTube Shorts is definitely possible, but it’s important to have realistic expectations. Unlike standard YouTube videos, Shorts revenue comes from a pool of funds allocated by YouTube, not directly from ads displayed during each Short. This means the payout per view can be quite low.

Factors Affecting Your Shorts Earnings:

  • Ad Type: Different ad formats have varying CPMs (cost-per-thousand impressions), which impacts your earnings.
  • Viewing Region: CPMs fluctuate depending on where your videos are viewed. Generally, developed countries offer higher CPMs.
  • Audience Demographics: Viewers’ ages and other factors influence earnings. Younger audiences might translate to higher CPMs.
  • Video Topic: Some topics are more competitive, leading to lower CPMs. Conversely, less competitive topics can potentially earn creators more.

Estimated Earnings (for informational purposes only):

  • 1 Million Views: Creators typically earn somewhere in the range of $0.01 to $0.03 per view, translating to $100-$300 for 1 million views.
  • 10 Million Views: Even with massive viewership, payouts are likely closer to $1,000-$3,000 for 10 million views.

Focus on Building Your Audience:

While the monetization potential exists, it’s crucial to prioritize creating engaging content that attracts a loyal audience. As your Shorts channel grows and engagement rises, your earning potential will naturally increase. Building a strong community can also lead to brand deals and other sponsorship opportunities in the future.

How YouTube Shorts Pays Creators?


YouTube Shorts generates revenue by displaying ads before, during, or after short videos. This ad revenue is then shared with the video creators. How much creators earn depends on several factors, including the number of views, the type of ad displayed (which affects CPM), and the viewers’ location.

Eligibility for Shorts Monetization

Currently, YouTube Shorts monetization is separate from the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Specific eligibility requirements for the Shorts Fund haven’t been officially announced yet. However, creators are advised to focus on building a strong audience and high engagement to be considered.

Tips for Boosting Views on YouTube Shorts

While the exact view threshold is yet to be confirmed, reaching a significant view count is crucial for Shorts monetization. Here are some tips to boost your views and engagement:

  • Prioritize Quality: Eye-catching, informative, or entertaining content is key.
  • Embrace Hashtags: Utilize relevant or trending hashtags to increase discoverability.
  • Cross-Promote: Share your Shorts on other platforms like Instagram or TikTok.
  • Engage with Your Audience: Respond to comments and build a loyal community.
  • Experiment with Content: Try different formats and styles to see what resonates.

Remember, consistency is key! Regularly creating high-quality Shorts will attract viewers, boost engagement, and ultimately increase your chance of earning from YouTube Shorts.


1. Can I make money with YouTube Shorts?

    Yes, but through a different system than regular YouTube videos. Revenue from ads in the Shorts feed goes into a pool, then distributed to creators based on factors like views and ad format (CPM).

    2. What affects my Shorts earnings?

    • Total Views: More views = potentially more money.
    • Ad Format (CPM): Different ad types pay out differently.
    • Viewer Location: Advertisers might pay more depending on your viewers’ location.
    • Engagement: High engagement (likes, comments, shares) can potentially lead to higher payouts.

    3. How can I boost my earnings?

    To increase earnings, focus on creating high-quality, engaging content for a broad audience. Regularly posting new videos with a good content calendar helps maintain audience engagement. Consider monetization options like advertisements or collaborations with brands.

    4. Is there a minimum view count to earn money on YouTube Shorts?

    There isn’t an official minimum view threshold confirmed yet. However, reaching a significant view count is likely necessary for Shorts monetization. Focus on creating high-quality content and building your audience to increase your chances of earning from YouTube Shorts.

    5. Can I Monetize Gaming Videos on YouTube?

    You can definitely monetize gaming videos on YouTube and don’t need a separate program. However, your channel needs to meet YouTube Partner Program requirements (1,000 subscribers, 4,000 watch hours in 12 months). Just be mindful of copyright (music, game footage) and check developer terms.


    YouTube Shorts offers a fresh approach for creators to earn money from engaging content. Forget the complexities of traditional video monetization. With Shorts, simply create unique content, strategically promote it, and watch your earning potential flourish.

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