How To Upload High-quality Video On TikTok

Have you ever noticed that whenever you upload a TikTok video, the quality of the video seems to be degraded by itself? As a result, the video looks a bit blurry and of course, it’s not nice. This is why you need to know how to upload high-quality video on TikTok.

A high-quality video on TikTok at least has 720p x 980p or 1080p x 1920 resolution. 720p is the minimum quality if you want your TikTok video looks clear enough. Thankfully, TikTok allows its users to set up the output quality before publishing it so that you can prevent TikTok video quality bad after uploading.

If you want to know how to do it, just keep reading!

How To Upload High-quality Video On TikTok

TikTok can make your wish come true in terms of making a great quality video.  But before going to the tutorial, make sure you get your video ready, either by recording a new video or attaching the existing video from your gallery. Then, here’s how to upload a high-quality video on TikTok Android or iPhone.

  • Before you tap on the Post button, hit More Options.
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  • Then, toggle on the Allow high-quality uploads option.
videos over 1080p are not supported on TikTok
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  • After that, back to the previous page, and tap Post.

Voila! Your video is now airing without reducing its quality. No more issues about pixelation or blurriness. All you will see is a clear video, as clear as the original. Are you happy with that?

Tips About Uploading a High-quality Video on TikTok

how to upload high quality video on tiktok android
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Now that you have toggled on the high-quality option on your TikTok account, you can upload the video in 1080p resolution with ease. But how to upload a 4k video on TikTok, then? Can you do it as well? Of course, you definitely can do it.

However, since the maximum video resolution for TikTok is 1080p, it will automatically scale down your 4k video to 1080p. It’s not bad, though. But it’s advisable to resize your video before uploading it to TikTok for better quality than processing it in the native app.

How To Fix Low and Poor Quality Videos on TikTok

If you find that other TikTok videos you’re watching are kind of unclear, then it’s probably because they are of low quality. Don’t worry, though. You can fix it quickly by following the steps below.

  • First, launch the TikTok app and log in to your account.
  • Head to your account and hit the three-dots icon.
How To Fix Low and Poor Quality Videos on TikTok
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  • Then, go to Privacy and Settings.
  • Scroll down to spot the Data Saver option. Tap on it.
how to upload high quality video on tiktok 2022 android
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  • Toggle off the Data Saver button to disable it.
how to upload high quality video on instagram
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  • Finally, close the app completely from the background and re-open it.
  • Bingo! You’re now able to watch the TikTok video in higher quality.

One quick note, disabling the Data Saver option on TikTok may affect the upload speed, loading time, and data conservation, even the video quality.

How to Edit TikTok Video Without Decreasing the Quality?

how to upload high quality video on tiktok 2022

Feeling unsatisfied with the results of your TikTok video? No worries. You can still edit and enhance it as you wish. Thankfully, we have Eklipse Studio as our savior. Eklipse offers you a super convenient way to edit your TikTok video. Only by dropping the URL link of the video, or drag from the local device, the AI then will do its magic to finish it off.

In addition to the automatic service, Eklipse also provides a list of catchy TikTok templates and background music to make your video even more attractive. Don’t worry about quality reduction, since Eklipse gives you the option to set up your output. You can actually produce between 720p and 1080p resolution. If you prefer to have HD resolution, make sure to try our Premium version. Keep an eye on our blog to see other articles about Eklipse.


There’s no such thing as difficult to upload a clear video after you know how to upload high-quality video on TikTok. Those steps have made a big change for your creation. Say goodbye to low-quality video and make it more convenient by uploading the video with great pixelation.

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