How To Make a Mashup of Songs for TikTok

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Using a remix or mashup song as a back sound of a TikTok video is quite common. A mashup song is basically a music track produced by mixing elements of two different songs to create new music. Due to its uniqueness, everybody is now eager to learn how to make a mashup of songs.

The process of creating a remix song helps you to sharpen your creativity. It’s true since you’ll need to put some touches here and there in order to produce a nice and easy-listening song.

Well, today we’re going to break down one of the easiest ways to create your own remix song using Audacity. Let’s just get into the tutorial.

Learn How To Make A Mashup of Songs for TikTok

A disclaimer before we go further into the step by step to produce a remix song for TikTok, there is no exact and strict formula for mixing the songs. It all depends on your taste, your preference for music, and your talent. However, you can get a guide to creating your own mashup songs in general. So you won’t be confused to start it anymore. Anyhow, here’s how to mix up the songs using Audacity.

  1. First, Prepare the songs you desire to mix and mashup in a specific folder.
  2. Secondly, Open the Audacity app.
  3. Then, drag the songs to Audacity’s worksheet
  4. If the songs have already been put down there, you can now have some edits.
  5. To trim the song into the specified part, you can select by blocking the part you want to erase and press Delete on your keyboard.
  6. After that, if you wish to put each song in a certain position to make match with one another, you can click on the Time Shift Tool icon at the top menu.
How To Make A Mashup of Songs
Hit the Time Shift Tool to put song parts in a certain position
  1. Then, you can slide the track to where you want.
  2. To add some effects to your song, just click on the Selection Tool and double-click on the track.
  1. Next, go to Effect on the menu bar and choose the effect you want to add. You can change the pitch, add reverb, erase the noise, add a touch of bass, or anything else.
Choose the effect you need to make your favorite sound
  1. Hit Tracks and hit Mix if you are going to mix the songs up.
  1. You can adjust the volume of each track by sliding the volume button on the left menu.
  2. Once you’ve done mixing your song, you can hit File > Export > Export As MP3.
Export the file into MP3 format
  1. Write a title file and hit Save.
producing remixes and mashups on TikTok
  1. After that, edit the metadata and click OK.
How To Make a TikTok Mashup
  1. Finally, wait until the exporting process is done.
how do you mashup songs on TikTok

Now, you have known how to make a song mashup on TikTok. Despite being a bit technical, it’s actually easy to do, right? Just remember, don’t really stick to the guide because you still can explore your desire with any tools here. Make great music on TikTok you can.


Knowing how to make a mashup of songs is necessary if you want to make your video more unique and original. Though it will take a long ride, it’s worth trying. Who knows if everyone will love your remix song in the future?

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