How to Record Your Screen on iPhone

Taking screenshots on iPhone has become a very common thing. But did you know that iPhone also enables you to record your screen and even gameplay? Well, if you haven’t known about that, we’re going to let you know and learn how to record your screen on iPhone easily.

Unlike PC or Android which require additional apps or software to be able to record the screen, iPhone has an in-built recording feature that you can use anytime. Thanks to that. So, here’s the guide on how to record on iPhone.

Turning on iPhone Screen Recorder Feature

Anyway, before we go to the tutorial to do a screen recording, you need to check that the screen recorder button is already set up in the Control Center. To do so, let’s follow the steps below.

  • First of all, open Settings then swipe down to Control Center and tap on Customize Controls.
  • Then, scroll down to the More Controls menu.
  • Find the Screen Recording option.
How to Record Your Screen on iPhone
Source: OSXDaily
  • After that, tap the green plus ‘+’ symbol to the left of the text.
  • There you have it. The feature now moves to the Included Controls menu above.

How to Record Your Screen On iPhone

Once the recording button has been included in the Control Center, you can start recording the screen. Here’s how.

  • To begin with, open the Control Center by swiping down (iPhone X or later) or up (iPhone 8 or earlier) on your phone screen.
  • After that, tap the Record button.
  • Tap on the Start Recording option on the popup message.
Source: Apowersoft
  • There will be a three-second countdown before the recording start, and once it started, the clock will turn red.
  • Now you’re recording the screen. In case you want to record gameplay, just open your game and play it as usual.
  • To stop the screen recording, tap the red clock and tap Stop. Alternatively, you can also open the Control Centers and hit the Record button again.

How to Screen Record With Sound on iPhone

Do you want to simultaneously record yourself talking while recording the screen? Thankfully, iPhone also allowed you to do that. Here are the steps to turn your microphone on.

  • Start over by holding the Record button.
  • You’ll then see the pop-up screen, and there’s a microphone icon at the bottom.
how to record your screen on iPhone while playing game
Source: FlexClip
  • Tap on it and hit Start Recording, and wait for the countdown to finish.
  • After that, tap twice to exit the screen and close the Control Center.
  • Finally, the microphone will turn on anytime you begin recording.


Now that you know how to record your screen on iPhone while playing game, you can take steps to give it a try yourself. Gameplay recording has become easier since you don’t always need a PC and screen recorder. Additionally, if you want to capture epic moments from your recorded video, you can try Eklipse.

Eklipse allows you to We hope that you’ll find this article useful for you. See you in the next article!

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