How To Upload Videos On Twitch: A Guide

Enhance your Twitch presence by sharing polished, pre-recorded videos. It’s actually a great way to attract more viewers without having to go live every time to keep your audience entertained. However, if you are new to this platform, you must be wondering how to upload videos on Twitch.

Well, don’t fret as we’ve got you covered with our tutorial here. Now that we don’t want to let you be curious for too long, let’s just begin.

How To Upload Videos On Twitch In Easy Way

Are you successfully become a Twitch Affiliate or Partner? If yes, then you can process to the next step, which is uploading your videos on Twitch. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Go to through a browser and log in with your active account.
  1. Hit the Profile icon in the top-right-hand corner.
Twitch screen close-up with the Account Icon highlighted
Navigate to the Profile icon | Source: LifeWire
  1. Then, click Video Producer under the drop-down menu.
Twitch account menu with Video Producer highlighted
Make sure you find this option. Otherwise, you’ll be unable to upload video | Source: LifeWire
  1. After that, you will see the Creator Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Upload button. Do not be surprised if you see a blank space.
Twitch video upload screen with Upload button highlighted
Source: LifeWire
  1. Next up, select the video you want to upload and wait until it is finished uploading.
  2. Once the Publish button appeared, click it to enter the details page.
  3. Write a title, description, and video category.
Twitch video upload details page with Title, description, language, category, and tag highlighted
write a title, description, and video category | Source: LifeWire
  1. In addition, you can add a thumbnail too.
  2. Finally, hit Publish to complete the upload and share.
Twitch video upload screen with Publish highlighted
Add a thumbnail and you’re all set! | Source: LifeWire

When you are done uploading your video on Twitch you might want to export it to YouTube so you can attract more audiences.

Check out our other guide by clicking this link: How To Upload Twitch Streams To YouTube

Requirements Before Uploading Videos on Twitch

TWITCH | Enigmatic Play
Source: Enigmatic Productions

Unlike other social media, Twitch requires you to fill out the requirements before you can upload a video. To be able to upload a video on TikTok, you have to be a Twitch Affiliate or Partner.

To become Twitch Affiliate, you need to fulfill the requirements below:

  1. Have at least 50 followers.
  2. Have 500 minutes broadcast in total over the past 30 days.
  3. Own seven unique broadcast days.
  4. An average of three or more concurrent viewers.
  5. Twitch Video Guidelines.

Twitch’s Video Format Guidelines

To make sure that the video you’re going to upload fits the Twitch format, you need to meet these guidelines. 

  1. The video that will be uploaded on Twitch should follow these formats:
    • Up to 1080p/60 FPS (Full HD resolution).
    • MP4, MOV, AVI, and FLV files.
    • AAC audio.
    • h264 codec.
    • Up to 10Mbps bitrate.
  1. Keep in mind that Twitch can only process 5 simultaneous uploads at a moment. In addition, it also allows its users to upload up to 100 videos in 24 hours.


That’s everything you need to know about how to upload videos on Twitch. Anyway, it’s always a good idea to upload your stream clip as well on your account.

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