Pepega Twitch Emote: Meaning & Origin

The Pepega Twitch emote has become a ubiquitous presence on the popular streaming platform, Twitch.

This emote, inspired by the Pepe the Frog character, is often spammed ironically to convey a perception of stupidity or mental disability.

It also finds utility when someone exhibits odd or out-of-place behavior within the Twitch community.

Pepega Meaning

Many consider Pepega to be a politically correct substitute for the derogatory term “retard”. Consequently, the emote finds frequent usage in Twitch chats and subreddits associated with Forsen, a prominent Twitch streamer.

Origin of Pepega Twitch Emote

The credit for the creation and naming of the Pepega emote goes to Adew, a Discord user who introduced it in 2018. Shortly after, another user added Pepega to FrankerFaceZ, an emote extension for Twitch.

However, it was the excessive spamming of Pepega in Forsen’s chat by viewers who opposed its presence that transformed the emote into a meme.

Even today, the emote is often followed by the words “FOR SAN”, referencing Forsen.

Understanding the Pepe the Frog Meme

While the frog emotes used in gaming communities are generally separate from the controversies associated with the Pepe the Frog meme, comprehending the meme’s broader significance is crucial.

Pepe the Frog originated as a character in the comic “Boy’s Club” by Matt Furie, created in the early 2000s. Initially, Pepe featured in harmless memes. However, in 2016, the alt-right movement and white supremacy groups co-opted Pepe, using it in hate-related content. It is worth noting that Furie himself was dismayed by the hijacking of his creation as a hate symbol and took legal action against some of the organizations involved.

How to Use Pepega Emote on Twitch Chat

Although Pepega is an immensely popular Twitch emote, it is not officially available on the platform itself. To utilize it, you must install either the FrankerFaceZ extension or the BTTV plugin.

Both FrankerFaceZ and BTTV are third-party extensions that enable streamers to upload custom emotes tailored to their communities.

While these emotes typically remain within the streamer’s audience, some gain viral status and spread across Twitch and other social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit, especially within the esports community.

Similar Twitch Emotes in the Pepe Family

The Pepe family of emotes enjoys considerable popularity within gaming communities and extends beyond Pepega’s specific meaning. While these emotes may differ in their intended expressions, you’re likely to encounter some of them during your time on the platform:

  1. FeelsGoodMan
  2. FeelsBadMan.
  3. PepeHands.
  4. PepeLaugh
  5. MonkaS
  6. PogChamp.
  7. Sadge


In conclusion, the Pepega emote has become a popular symbol on Twitch, enabling users to express irony and mockery.

With the help of extensions like FrankerFaceZ and BTTV, streamers and viewers can enhance their chat experiences by incorporating the Pepega emote and other variations.

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