17 Best Twitch Challenges to Boost Your Live Stream

Twitch challenges have gained popularity as a means for streamers and influencers to engage with their communities, expand their audience, and generate income using channel points.

These challenges serve not only as entertainment for viewers but also as an enjoyable and interactive experience for both the streamer and the audience.

Within this article, we will present 17 captivating concepts for Twitch challenges that you can integrate into your live streams.

1. Dance-off Challenges

One of the easiest Twitch challenges to do is the dance-off challenge. Set a moderate Twitch channel points goal, such as 10,000 to 20,000, depending on your channel’s size.

Once the goal is reached, select a random dance suggested by your viewers and perform it on stream. This challenge is highly interactive and can be a lot of fun, although it requires a good sense of humor.

Alternatively, you can have your viewers send you videos of them dancing, and once the point goal is reached, you can try to emulate their dances on stream. This adds a personal touch and encourages audience participation.

2. Charity Challenge

A charity challenge not only benefits a good cause but also helps build goodwill with your community. However, it requires careful planning to avoid any financial loss. You also need to set a long-term goal and encourage viewer participation over time.

On the bright side, this challenge can differentiate you from other streamers and foster a sense of community among your viewers. Remember to choose a suitable reward and consider directing the proceeds to a relevant charity.

3. Physical Challenges

If you spend most of your time gaming and want to incorporate physical activity into your routine, a physical challenge can be a great solution. Choose a challenge that you can complete and set a channel points milestone for it.

Exercises like pushups or squats work well, and you can even let your viewers choose the exercise for you. This challenge not only helps you stay active but also promotes viewer engagement and support.

4. The Surprise Me Challenge

The Surprise Me Challenge adds an element of unpredictability to your stream. Set a twitch channel points ideas goal that is attainable during a single session, and let your viewers choose your next action once the goal is reached.

You can either use a random number generator or go with the most prevalent suggestion in chat. This challenge can be incredibly fun, although it may lead to some unexpected and hilarious moments.

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5. The Trolling Twitch Challenges

Trolling Twitch Challenges entail mind-blowing and pointless acts upon reaching a twitch channel points goal. Possibilities are endless, from egg balancing to blindfolded gaming (of course, it’s non-competitive).

Pairing with other challenges heightens viewer entertainment. Expect absurd requests and embrace the humor and fun of this challenge.

6. The Twitch Quiz Challenge

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twitch community challenge max points

The Twitch Quiz Challenge allows you to take a break from your usual streaming routine while engaging your community on a more personal level. Set a channel goal and continue streaming games as normal.

Once the goal is reached, schedule a Twitch quiz event where viewers can ask you questions in chat. This gives them an opportunity to learn more about you and creates a sense of connection.

This challenge works particularly well for smaller to medium-sized channels looking to build a loyal and engaged audience.

7. Giveaway Challenge

The Giveaway Challenge motivates viewer participation and rewards your audience. Offer giveaways to all viewers and exclusive ones for subscribers.

Align rewards with your stream’s content, be unique among other streamers. Provide in-game items, merchandise, or exclusive experiences tied to your stream’s theme.

Creativity and valuable rewards boost viewers and promote word-of-mouth.

8. The Eating Challenge

The Eating Challenge is a unique challenge that may not be suitable for everyone, but it can add variety to your content. Set a moderate channel point goal, and once it’s achieved, indulge in a food-related challenge on stream.

Whether it’s trying unusual snacks, attempting a spicy food challenge, or tasting exotic cuisines, this challenge can be entertaining for both you and your viewers.

Ensure that you choose challenges that align with your audience’s interests and consider any dietary restrictions or allergies.

9. The Funny Video Twitch Challenges

The Funny Video Twitch Challenges involve sharing and reacting to funny videos suggested by your viewers. Set a channel point goal, and once it’s reached, play the suggested videos and provide entertaining commentary.

This challenge adds a lighthearted and humorous element to your stream, creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for your audience.

Encourage your viewers to submit their favorite funny videos, ensuring that they are appropriate and align with your channel’s content.

10. 24-Hour Costume Marathon

This is a classic with a unique twist. Here’s a simple way to do it:

Visit your Twitch dashboard, initiate a community challenge, and set the points threshold to, let’s say, 10,000.

Once the goal is achieved, engage in a 24-hour streaming marathon while donning a comical costume.

Pro Tip: Keep your audience involved by letting them decide which costume you should wear.

11. The Gratitude Challenge

Imagine your Twitch community has been incredibly supportive lately, sharing your channel, following you, and more. Why not express your gratitude with a challenge?

If your viewers help you reach, let’s say, 10,000 points, host a special stream to thank them for their support, and channel your inner Oprah for the day!

12. The Multitalented Streamer Challenge

Tailored for streamers eager to showcase skills beyond gaming.

If your viewers help you accumulate, say, 5,000 points, create a video displaying a talent unrelated to gaming—whether it’s cooking, drawing, or even a goofy dance.

13. The Whimsical Challenge

Perfect for streamers who love goofing around.

Upon reaching 2,500 points, undertake a challenge that’s deliberately pointless.

Consider these ideas:

  • Attempting to balance a spoon on your nose for 5 minutes
  • Indulging in an entire tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in one sitting
  • Revealing your most trivial secret

14. The I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Challenge

Ideal for streamers seeking a unique experience.

With 5,000 points from your viewers, take on a challenge where you mimic a contestant on “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!”

15. The Give Me A Break Challenge

Admittedly a bit silly, but why not?

Tailored for streamers seeking a break from gaming.

Upon reaching 10,000 points, take a hiatus from streaming and engage in an activity of YOUR viewers’ choice—completely unrelated to gaming.

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16. The I’m Not A Gamer Challenge

Embrace the unexpected and entertain your viewers by attempting games outside your typical genre or comfort zone. The challenge lies in your ability to navigate and engage with a game you wouldn’t usually play.

This funny Twitch challenge will make your viewers entertained since they love to see streamers step out of their gaming comfort zones. It humanizes you, adds an element of surprise, and creates a shared experience with your audience.

17. The Donation Challenge

Donation is one of the Twitch hype challenges nowadays. Turn your regular streaming session into a donation-driven challenge. Set specific milestones or goals for donations, and promise unique incentives or challenges for reaching those targets.


In conclusion, Twitch funny challenges for streamers are an excellent way to engage your community, entertain your viewers, and increase your reach on the platform. Remember to plan your challenges based on your fanbase’s size, offer fun and inclusive rewards, and maintain an authentic and engaging streaming style.

By embracing these challenges, you can create memorable experiences for your audience and foster a loyal and supportive community.

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