How to Get On Twitch Front Page – 5 Key Things To Do

Would you like to draw a lot of viewers to your Twitch streams? Then you should learn how to get on Twitch front page. Once your stream stands on this page, success will be in your hands.

Well, Twitch front page is basically the first thing that people see whenever they open the Twitch website. That means the visibility of your streams will increase 100% because everyone can see it now.

However, to be a professional streamer whose streams appear on the first page, it’ll take you a long road and a huge amount of effort. Especially if you are still a newbie. Luckily, you can start your journey from now on since we have already listed several steps to build your brand and increase Twitch discoverability. Here we go!

1. How to Get in Twitch Front Page: Use The Community Boost

Twitch realized that the competitiveness on this battlefield is pretty high, and the small streamers could be hardly recognized in the beginning. As a result, Twitch allows its users to use the Community Boost feature.

This is basically a Twitch feature for content creators to get more visibility on the platform so that your channel could be showing off on the “Live channels we think you’ll like” section on the front page.

How to get on Twitch front page
Source: Dexerto

To be able to access Community Boost, you’ll need to join any Community Challenges and collect the Channel Points.

It’s worth highlighting that this feature is only accessible to Twitch affiliates and partners. If you have become a part of Affiliate or Partner, you’ll then need to wait for invitations to join challenges.

Once you join a challenge, gamers will send you some Channel points that can later be used to promote your channel. However, Twitch has set the daily limit of collected Channel Points to 2,000.

Despite being so promising, this will only help you gain more eyeballs and not grant you the fame you can achieve overnight.

2. Promote Your Channel

The key to being well-known, not only on Twitch but on all platforms, is by promoting yourself properly. But, how to promote your Twitch?

To be able to promote your Twitch channel, of course, you’ll need to create engaging content and consistently post them at the right time.

One more essential thing to do if you want to reach larger audiences and build a bigger community is to use other social media platforms to spread the word about your channels, such as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and more!

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3. How to Appear in TikTok Front Page: Taking Part in the Tournament

twitch front page spotlight
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Twitch regularly held tournaments where all streamers can take their part. This is actually a great chance to get on Twitch front page spotlight. By joining the tournaments, you’ll be noticed by more viewers or even other streamers. And this could be a good chance for branding your channel.

However, to get noticed by Twitch, other streamers, and viewers during these competitions, you’ll have to be a pretty skillful gamer. Or at least, join a tournament with the game you do not suck at. So make sure you choose the event wisely.

Given that, this is only a ladder to get you into the Twitch front page. Still, you’ll need to roll your sleeves and do harder works to be famous.

4. Land a Sponsorship

Another alternative to boost your channel is having sponsorship and brand deals. When a company runs ads on your streaming, both parties (you and the sponsors) will get advantages. This is what we call a win-win solution.

In addition, Twitch also loves sponsorship as it can collect ad revenue from each purchase. However, this step may not be really fit for small streamers. You’ll need to push your channel’s visibility and gain viewers and subscribers as many as possible, so that your channel will be seen to be credible enough to collaborate with any brands.

5. Enhance the Quality of Your Twitch Stream

Aside from the aforementioned tips, improving your stream’s quality shouldn’t be left out of the list. This is important to avoid your viewers getting bored and leaving your channel eventually.

Choose the right niche for yourself. Avoid creating content that is not really your passion, or it will look boring and airy. In addition, try to bring up original and brand new content which other streamers rarely take it. The community could probably appreciate it more.

Don’t forget to use your best equipment for streaming as well to produce nice shows for your viewers.


So that’s basically all you need to know about how to get on Twitch front page. It’s not a piece of cake, indeed. But if you keep making your steps ahead, even running, you’ll achieve your goal eventually. Just don’t give up and keep streaming!

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