Twitch Chat Commands Ultimate Lists for Viewers or Broadcasters

Are you new to Twitch and wondering what the chat commands are and how to use them? 

You might see other viewers type something that triggers actions and provide information, that is the Twitch chat commands.

The Twitch chat commands is the special command that users can type in the chat to trigger certain actions or behaviors. 

These commands have wide functions, from something simple like changing the username color for the viewers to something advanced like running a commercial for the streamers.

So here are the list of all the Twitch Chat Commands that you’ll need to know, whether you’re a viewer, moderator, or a stream

Twitch Chat Commands For the Viewers, Moderators, and Broadcasters

twitch chat commands

The chat commands on Twitch has many variation and function.

There are some for the viewers that can perform a basic action, like mention other viewers, vote in the poll, or something handy like randomly gift subs to another viewer.

For more info on this, check up this complete list of Twitch chat commands for everyone

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1. For the Viewers

/@[user]Send someone a public message; it will highlight the message for the recipient.
/block [user]Block all chat messages from a user
/color [color]Change the color of your username. If you’re a Turbo user, you can select a hex value.
/disconnectDisconnects you from the channel.
/gift [number]Randomly gift Subs (the number of your choosing) to the community.
/me [message]Often used to denote third-person action. The command removes the colon after your name and italicizes your message.
/modsList all the channel moderators.
/vipsList all the channel VIPs.
/voteVote in the poll.
/w [user] [message]Send someone a private message.

2. For the Moderator and Broadcaster

/ban [user]Permanently ban someone from the chat.
/clearRemove all messages in chat.
/emoteonlyUsers can only send emotes in their messages.
/emoteonlyoffDisable emotes only mode.
/followers [duration]Restrict the chat to followers-only mode; optionally, specify a time duration (e.g., 30 minutes, 1 week)
/followersoffDisable followers-only mode.
/monitor [user]Monitor a user’s messages.
/pollCreate a poll.
/endpollEnd a poll.
/deletepollDelete a poll.
/requestsOpens the Channel Points requests queue.
/restrict [user]Restrict a user’s messages.
/slow [seconds]Limit the rate at which users can send messages.
/slowoffDisable slow mode.
/subscribersRestrict the chat to subscribers-only mode.
/subscribersoffDisable subscribers-only mode.
/timeout [user] [seconds]Temporarily ban someone from the chat. 10 minutes is the default, or you can specify a time.
/unban [user]Unban someone from the chat.
/uniquechatStops users from posting non-unique messages (like copy and pasted content)
/uniquechatoffDisable unique chat mode.
/unmonitor [user]Stop monitoring a user’s messages.
/unrestrict [user]Stop restricting a user’s messages.
/user [user]Record private notes on a user and see their chat and moderation history.
/commercialRuns a commercial (providing the channel is an Affiliate or Partner).
/goalSet a subscriber or follower goal.
/host [channel]Host another channel on yours via the embedded video player.
/unhostStop hosting someone on the channel.
/marker [description]Adds a stream marker at the current time, with an optional description
/predictionManage predictions.
/raid [channel]Send viewers to another channel.
/unraidCancel the raid.
/mod [user]Grant someone moderator status.
/unmod [user]Remove moderator status from someone.
/vip [user]Grant someone VIP status.
/unvip [user]Remove VIP status from someone.
/rulesDisplay the channel rules.

3. Twitch Chat Commands for Nightbot Users

twitch chat commands nightbot

Some streamers use a Twitch Chatbot like Nightbot for the custom chat commands like !socials, !shoutout, and etc.

Most of the default Twitch nightbot command is similar to the default Twitch chat commands. The only difference is nightbot uses exclamation marks as the command starter

So here’s the list of all default Twitch Chat Commands for the Nightbot users:

!commands See a list of channel commands for the viewers and allows moderators to manage custom commands
!commercialRund a commercial/ad on your stream for broadcasters
!filtersManage spam protection filter settings for moderators
!gameSee the current game of the stream for the viewers and allows moderators to change the current game
!markerCreate a stream marker for broadcasters
!pollCreate a poll for moderators
!regularsManage channel regulars list for moderators
!songsAllows users to request songs, and allows moderators to manage the requested songs queue
!tagsEdit your stream’s tags for broadcasters
!titleSee the current title of the stream for the viewers. Change the current title for the moderators
!winnerChoose a random active user as a winner for moderators

Since you there are custom commands in Nightbot, as a viewer, don’t forget to start with !commands whenever you visit someone on Twitch.


That’s all you need to know about the Twitch chat commands. Hope this helps you embrace the overall Twitch culture.

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