Twitch Elevate Message: How It Works

What is Twitch elevate message and how can you send one? This article will cover everything you need to know about Twitch’s new feature.

Twitch has announced that it is testing a new monetization feature similar to YouTube Live that allows chatters to pay for message priority.

Twitch offers numerous ways for streamers to monetize their content, such as channel subscriptions and bit donations.

Twitch, on the other hand, has revealed that it is currently testing a new monetization feature that some YouTube Live viewers might find strikingly similar to Super Chats.

Twitch introduced Elevated Chat, which allows viewers to pay to have their chat messages appear at the top of a streamer’s chat for a set period of time.

About the Twitch Elevate Message Feature

According to the official Twitch Support Twitter account, the platform is “experimenting with a new way for viewers to pay to support their favorite streamers.”

At the time of writing, Elevated Chat is only available to a select group of partners, but Twitch plans to roll it out sometime after testing concludes “4 weeks starting at the end of September.”

In terms of Elevated Chat, viewers can make a one-time payment through the platform, similar to how donating bits works, which will pin their chat message to the top of the chat window.

Viewers will be able to choose from five different tiers, which will increase the duration of the message based on the cost.

Viewers can pay as little as $5 to have their message displayed for 30 seconds, or as much as $100 to have their message displayed for two and a half minutes.

Furthermore, both the streamer and channel moderators will have control over Elevated Chats if they need to ban or timeout viewers who are abusing the feature.

Interestingly, Twitch and the creators of Elevated Chats will split the payment 70/30.

This is significant given that the company only recently announced that all streamers, regardless of status, would be subject to the new 50/50 payment split.

Though Twitch has stated that this “experiment” will last four weeks, it is unknown when the Elevated Chat feature will be available to all partnered streamers.


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