Twitch Streaming With Music: What Music Can You Play Without Getting Banned?

twitch streaming with music
Source: Twitch Blog

Adding music to content definitely can improve your audience’s viewing experience, including on Twitch. The content will look more appealing and lively to enjoy. That’s why many streamers are wondering if they can do Twitch streaming with music.

Well, the answer is yes and no. Yes, you are able to play music while streaming, but no, if you don’t have the rights to the music you’ll use. Ever since the wave of DMCA takedown requests in 2020, Twitch has deleted hundreds of content crossing music copyright laws.

Not to mention, many users are not happy with this action, especially those whose bread and butter content are affected. In addition, the DMCA takedowns also lead to confusion about what music streamers can use while broadcasting. Now, let’s jump right into this article to know further about this topic.

Can You Do Twitch Streaming With Music?

Twitch Streaming With Music
There are several music categories you can use while streaming | Source: Kotaku

As previously stated, you are allowed to play music while streaming on Twitch as long as you are not violating the Twitch music rules. To avoid crossing the line, Twitch has announced the three categories of music you can use while streaming. Let’s get a closer look at them.

1. Music Owned by You

It’s safe to use music you created or produced yourself or your recorded performance. It’s also important to see if you have owned the rights to reproduce the music.

2. Music provided in Soundtrack by Twitch

Alternatively, you are able to get the music that will be safely played on stream through the Soundtrack by Twitch. However, you may have a limited choice of tracks, and it’s only available on Twitch.

3. Music licensed to you

In addition, you can also use any copyright-free sound effects on Twitch. You can get them from the Epidemic Sound. Simply subscribe to it, and you’ll be able to play music during broadcast without worrying about DMCA takedowns. What’s more interesting is that Epidemic Sound provides a wider range of the song.

Are You Allowed to Stream Music on Twitch?

are you allowed to stream music on twitch
You are not allowed to stream the cover song performances | Source: Twitch

You are definitely able to play music while streaming on Twitch. However, keep in mind that streaming music-based content is not allowed. According to Twitch’s Community Guidelines, there are several types of content are prohibited on the platform. Those are as follows:

  • Karaoke performances
  • Lip Sync performances
  • Radio-style music listening shows
  • DJ Sets
  • Cover song performances
  • Visual music depictions

Well, Twitch is quite different from YouTube, now that you see the forbidden content on Twitch. On YouTube, you can stream lip-sync or cover song performances.

What Happens If You Stream Copyrighted Music on Twitch?

The answer is clear: you are violating the Twitch music guidelines which may lead to DMCA takedown. Basically, Twitch applies a three-strike policy for DMCA takedowns.

As for the first offense, you’ll get a 24-hour ban on your channel, then the second strike will grant you with 24-hour to a-week ban. Finally, if you keep violating the music rules, you’ll get a permanent ban from Twitch or channel termination.

can you play music while you stream on twitch
Beware of the DMCA takedowns | Source: Ars Technica

The thing that is worth highlighting about DMCA takedowns is it’s different from other rule violations on Twitch. While other bans give you 90-day probation time before it’s fully removed, DMCA ban will remain part of your profile forever.

Therefore, it’s essential to really check out the Community Guidelines, especially about the music rules on Twitch to avoid being banned forever. It’s better safe than sorry.


So that’s everything about Twitch streaming with music. Twitch has always had strict guidelines for streaming music, but the threat of DMCA takedowns has made them even more vigilant. Find out how to stream on the platform without breaking the rules