Twitch Unique Chat Mode: 5+ Secret to Prevent Spam

Fed up with spam and repetitive messages in your Twitch chat? Give these exclusive Twitch chat modes a try!

Handling Twitch chatters can be tough, but don’t give up. Thankfully, there’s a solution: Unique Chat Mode. Let’s take control of your chat and enhance the viewer experience here!

What is Twitch Unique Chat Mode?

Twitch Unique Chat Mode is a command that prevents viewers from repeatedly posting the same messages. When enabled, it moderates messages with 9 or more characters, filtering out repetitive messages.

This feature can only be enabled by the channel owner or a channel moderator.

How to Turn On Twitch Unique Chat Mode?

Enabling Twitch Unique Chat Mode is easy if you have the owner’s or moderator’s permission.

Simply type ‘/uniquechat’ in the chatbox, and the filter will start working its magic.

There are two ways to enable this feature:

  1. If your stream is live, type ‘/uniquechat’ in the chatbox.
  2. If you don’t have an active stream, click on your profile image, go to the Menu, then select Channel Page. From the menu bar, choose The Chat Menu, and type ‘/uniquechat’ followed by ‘send.’

Once enabled, you will receive a notification confirming that your channel has enabled Unique Chat Mode.

How to Turn Off Twitch Unique Chat Mode?

To turn off Unique Chat Mode, follow the same steps as when you turned it on. However, this time, type ‘/uniquechatoff’ in the chatbox.

Turning off this mode is a good option if you receive minimal spam messages or if you want to encourage meta jokes and memes in your chat.

Other Useful Twitch Chat Commands

Apart from Unique Chat Mode, there are several other Twitch chat commands that both viewers and streamers can use. Here are a few essential ones:

  • ‘/ban [username]’: This command bans a specific user from your channel chat.
  • ‘/clear’: Deletes all the messages in the chat, providing a clean slate.
  • ‘/emoteonly’: Allows only emote chat messages from viewers.
  • ‘/followers [duration]’: Limits chatting to followers only for a specified duration.
  • ‘/monitor [user]’: Monitors the messages of a particular user.

For channel editors and streamers, there are additional commands like ‘/commercial,’ ‘/host,’ and ‘/raid’ that provide features to engage with other channels andenhance collaboration.

For broadcasters, there are commands like ‘/mod [user]’ to make users channel moderators and ‘/vip [user]’ to grant VIP status. These commands give you more control over your channel’s moderation settings.

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Whether you’re a viewer, moderator, or broadcaster, there’s a Twitch command for everyone. These commands help create a pleasant chat environment and provide relevant information about specific channels.

It’s also important to follow Twitch’s chat rules and use these commands responsibly to maintain a comfortable and engaging experience for everyone. Happy chatting!

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