Top 5 ASMR Twitch Streamers You Should Watch in 2023


Let’s talk about the top 5 ASMR Twitch streamers of 2023! These are people who make relaxing and soothing content that lots of viewers love. They have their own unique styles that stand out from the rest. Now, let’s take a closer look at each of them.

1. Ivyheals

Source: Twitch

Ivy create some of the most heartwarming and relaxing ASMR streams on Twitch. Everything she does, every sound she makes, feels purposeful and calming.

Ivy genuinely cares about her audience, and it’s evident in how she interacts with them and the amazing ASMR triggers she uses. She has a natural talent for ASMR that makes her movements look effortless and incredibly soothing.

She speaks both English and Spanish, her native language. Her streaming setup is placed in front of a window with a view of the beautiful mountains of Spain, which adds to the natural and freeing atmosphere of her livestreams.

2. FoxeinKin ASMR

Fox brought purring into the ASMR world, and it’s her most famous trigger. It sounds so real, like a human purring naturally. When you listen with headphones, it even feels like your ears are warming up.

Sometimes, Fox whispers in French, making her content diverse and inclusive. She often streams reruns, so you might find her on Twitch right now!

3. Ruby True

Source: Twitch

Ruby’s ASMR style is inspired by her skills as a yoga teacher and Thai massage practitioner. She found ASMR when she was dealing with depression. At first, she streamed gaming videos, but later she switched to ASMR because it helped her heal, and she wanted to share this soothing experience with others. It made her feel like a whole new world had opened up for her.

During her streams, Ruby uses singing bowls, crystals, candles, and gongs to create a peaceful atmosphere that helps you relax and open up your senses to amazing experiences. ASMR allows you to feel calm and safe, and Ruby aims to use this feeling to give you a glimpse into something beyond the ordinary, something transcendental.

4. ASMR Darling

ASMR Darling is a big name in ASMR with over 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube. She’s been doing this for more than 7 years, so she’s well-established and loved by many. Her introduction to her videos is catchy and funny. People even use her face for ASMR-related memes, but that’s okay because any attention is good!

Besides YouTube, Taylor Darling also streams on Twitch a lot. It’s interesting to see ASMR streamers just being themselves on live camera. You get to see their talent in a whole new way, and it makes you love them and their ASMR even more. Darling is one of those artists, and she’s really good at what she does.

5. Miss Chloe ASMR

Source: Patreon

Miss Chloe is famous for her YouTube videos, especially her impressive ASMR roleplays. She creates cinematic experiences with great sets, cool costumes, and detailed sounds that make her one of the top “ASMactors.” Lately, her videos have taken a darker turn, where she plays characters like vampires and Cruella De Vil.

On Twitch, you get to see a different side of Chloe. She’s more relaxed and spontaneous. Her streams have amazing sounds that show a new aspect of her artistry that we’ve come to adore over the years.

Besides ASMR, Chloe also streams herself painting and playing games that match the chill and fun vibe of her content.


In conclusion, the ASMR community on Twitch is filled with talented creators who offer different experiences. From heartwarming streams to mesmerizing sounds, each streamer brings something special to the table. They have earned their popularity and continue to provide enjoyable content for their audiences. So, if you’re looking for some relaxing and calming videos, these top 5 ASMR Twitch streamers are definitely worth watching. Enjoy!

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