Twitch Terms of Service: 16 Crucial Points [Latest Update]


Have you heard about the recent Twitch Terms of Service (TOS) update? If not, make sure to read this article to avoid violating Twitch TOS and facing a ban!

Every community has its set of rules. Whether it’s at work, school, or even online, protocols and practices are in place to ensure a safe and respectful environment. Twitch, the popular streaming platform, is no exception.

Now, we will delve into the latest update of Twitch’s Terms of Service (TOS) and provide a comprehensive breakdown of the Community Guidelines. By understanding these rules, you can ensure a positive experience while using Twitch!

Twitch Terms of Service 2023: 16 Essential Points to Note

When creating a Twitch account, you will enter into a binding legal contract known as the Terms of Service. It is crucial to understand and abide by these terms, as violating them may result in penalties or other legal consequences.

Users must follow other documents, such as the Community Guidelines and Twitch Terms of Sale, along with the Terms of Service.

However, there’s no need to absorb everything all at once. It is already sufficient to grasp the essentials of the following Twitch TOS points:

Twitch TOS #1: Use of Twitch by Minors and Blocked Persons

Twitch imposes certain restrictions on the use of its platform by minors and blocked individuals. Users under the age of 13 are not permitted to use Twitch.

For users between the ages of 13 and the legal age in their country, a parent or guardian assumes responsibility for compliance with the Terms of Service.

Additionally, individuals who have been banned by Twitch staff are prohibited from accessing or using Twitch through any means.

Twitch TOS #2: Privacy Notice

Protecting online privacy is a significant concern for any reputable service, and Twitch is no exception. The Twitch Privacy Notice outlines how personal information is collected and used.

There are several ways Twitch may obtain your personal information, including:

  • Information provided by you during registration.
  • Automatically collected information through cookies, and
  • Data obtained from authorized third parties.

Twitch utilizes personal information for services, communication, promotion, legal compliance, etc. Note that Twitch may share personal information with service providers, affiliates, or when required by law.

As a user, you have the right to make privacy choices. However, refusing to provide certain information may limit the services available to you.

You can also close your account, but Twitch may retain certain information as permitted or required by law. Please note that third-party websites linked to Twitch have their own privacy practices, and their policies govern the sharing of information with them.

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Twitch TOS #3: Creating Twitch Account

Your Twitch account should be for personal use only. Do not allow anyone else to access or use your account without proper authorization from Twitch.

Sharing or selling your account without Twitch’s explicit permission is strictly prohibited. Also, review the privacy policies of Twitch and the third-party service when registering through third-party services.

Twitch TOS #4: Use of Devices and Services

When accessing Twitch through various devices or internet providers, you are responsible for any associated fees and charges. Twitch does not assume responsibility for these costs.

Twitch TOS #5: Modification of the Terms

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Twitch reserves the right to modify the Terms of Service periodically. By continuing to use Twitch’s services after the changes have been posted, you agree to the updated terms.

Twitch TOS #6: License

Twitch holds proprietary rights to all its services and materials. When you agree to the Terms of Service, you receive a limited license for personal or internal business purposes.

However, you are not permitted to sell, distribute, or modify any Twitch materials without obtaining a special license.

Twitch TOS #7: User Content

Twitch allows users to distribute their own content on the platform. This includes live streams, pre-recorded videos, chats, and posts on bulletin boards and forums.

When posting content, you grant Twitch licenses to modify, distribute, and create derivative works based on it. Deleting your content doesn’t always remove certain rights, such as Twitch’s ability to retain copies for a reasonable time or if it has been shared.

In addition, users must ensure their content complies with regulations. This entails:

  • Creating original content.
  • Obtaining necessary rights for third-party intellectual property.
  • Ensuring virus-free content.

Promotions are allowed on Twitch with specific conditions. Users must adhere to applicable rights and laws, take full responsibility for the promotion, and include a disclaimer that Twitch does not sponsor or endorse it.

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Twitch TOS #8: Prohibited Conduct

Twitch strictly forbids specific types of behavior on its platform, including:

  • Impersonating others.
  • Spamming and harassing others.
  • Abusing other creators or users.
  • Interfering with Twitch’s security measures.
  • Attempting to access unauthorized areas or services.
  • Creating pornographic contents.
  • Invading other people’s privacy.

Remember that Twitch has the authority to remove content that violates these rules without prior notice.

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Twitch TOS #9: Respecting Copyright

Twitch adheres to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and other relevant copyright laws. Users must respect intellectual property rights and obtain proper permission before sharing copyrighted materials.

Twitch TOS #10: Trademarks

Twitch holds its own trademarks, including logos, slogans, and graphics. You should not use these trademarks in connection with any other brand or product without authorization.

Twitch TOS #11: Third-Party Content

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While users can promote third-party content on Twitch, it’s important to note that Twitch does not endorse or assume responsibility for such content. Users bear all risks associated with utilizing third-party information, products, or services.

Twitch TOS #12: Termination

Twitch possesses the authority to impose bans or terminate user accounts in instances. Some possible cause of termination are: failure to adhere to the Terms of Service, misuse of services, or necessitated by technical or legal obligations.

Twitch TOS #13: Idea Submission

If you share your ideas with Twitch staff, they may use those ideas without providing compensation.

Twitch TOS #14: Miscellaneous

Provisions not explicitly stated in the Terms of Service will be considered a waiver only if confirmed in writing. The remaining terms will not be invalidated if any term is deemed unlawful or void.

Twitch TOS #15: Disputes

By agreeing to the Terms of Service, users agree to defend Twitch in case of disputes. Twitch cannot guarantee the complete safety of information, accuracy of content, or the absence of viruses in its software.

Twitch is not liable for damages of any kind. In the event of a problem, users must notify Twitch within 30 days and attempt to resolve the issue informally.

If necessary, arbitration is the next step, and all actions must be in compliance with applicable laws.

Twitch TOS #16: Community Guidelines

The Community Guidelines complement the Terms of Service and outline conduct expectations on Twitch. Violations may lead to suspensions or penalties.


Q1: Can I create multiple Twitch accounts?

Yes, you can create multiple Twitch accounts as long as you abide by the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines for each account.

Q2: What happens if I violate the Terms of Service?

Violating the Terms of Service can result in penalties such as warnings, temporary suspensions, or even indefinite suspensions, depending on the severity of the violation.

Q3: Can I share copyrighted music on Twitch?

No, sharing copyrighted music on Twitch without proper permission is a violation of the Terms of Service. Make sure to obtain the necessary licenses before using copyrighted materials.

Q4: How can I report a violation of the Terms of Service?

You can make a report to Twitch by following the reporting guidelines provided.

Q5: What should I do if I have questions about Twitch’s privacy practices?

If you have any questions or concerns about Twitch’s privacy practices, you can reach out to their privacy team by sending an email to


Understanding the Twitch Terms of Service and Community Guidelines is essential for all users of the platform. By familiarizing yourself with these rules, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on Twitch.

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