Twitch Announce Two New Features: Stories & Discovery Feed

Twitch, the renowned livestreaming platform, has exciting updates in store for its users.

In an announcement made during TwitchCon Paris’ opening ceremony, two new features were unveiled: Twitch Stories and the Discovery Feed.

These additions aim to provide streamers with improved discoverability and engage viewers even when they are not live.

Twitch Stories: The Latest Addition to the Twitch Mobile App

Twitch is breaking away from its traditional “live only” format by introducing Twitch Stories.

Similar to popular platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok, Twitch Stories will be accessible through the Twitch Mobile app. These short-form videos will be available for viewing for a duration of 24 hours before disappearing.

This feature is expected to launch in October 2023 and will adhere to the Twitch Community Guidelines.

Discover New Content with the Discovery Feed

Joining the roster of exciting updates is the Discovery Feed feature.

This feature is comparable to YouTube shorts and offers users the opportunity to scroll through a feed of short clips posted by streamers.

By incorporating short-form content, Twitch aims to assist users of the Twitch Mobile app in discovering new streamers and engaging content that aligns with their interests.

Enhanced Functionality and Integration

In addition to these new features, Twitch has made improvements to the existing Clips editor.

These enhancements not only optimize functionality but also expand accessibility by introducing the editor to mobile devices. Furthermore, streamers will have the option to export clips directly from TikTok to Twitch, enabling seamless content sharing across platforms.

Jeremy Forrester, the Product Vice President at Twitch, clarified the intentions behind these developments in an interview with Eurogamer.

He stated, “We’re not building the Feeds to compete with TikTok; we don’t want to build a platform where people just come and consume the feed for an hour a day.”

Emphasizing Twitch’s commitment to livestreaming, Forrester added, “We want to utilize short-form content and familiar user experiences to foster the growth of streamers’ live stream communities. Livestreaming will continue to be at the core of everything that Twitch offers.”


As Twitch prepares to introduce these exciting features, it is evident that the focus remains on delivering exceptional livestream content.

While the initial rollout appears to prioritize mobile platforms, Twitch’s dedication to enhancing the livestreaming experience remains unwavering.

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