List of Banned Words on Twitch That Every Creator Needs to Know

If you are a Twitch user, make sure you know the list of banned words on Twitch so that you could avoid getting suspended! More about this list below.

Twitch’s forbidden language are typically not particularly specific. Twitch users are not permitted to use racist, homophobic, or sexist insults. Despite the wide language, Twitch has officially prohibited the use of three terms, and any streamer or user who uses them will be instantly banned.

The Types of Speech That Are Prohibited on Twitch

Twitch has clear guidelines against hate speech on its platform, which goes beyond just speech and images. This includes:

  • Inciting, threatening, or promoting physical harm or death against individuals or groups based on protected characteristics such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or age.
  • The use of offensive slurs is also prohibited.
  • Expressions of hatred towards certain groups, sexual harassment towards individuals, and attempts to reveal personal information about users.
  • Targeted efforts to reveal or share personal, confidential information about specific users.

List of Banned Words on Twitch

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The following are some instances of behaviors that might result in a ban. Being polite to everyone is a simple way to remember this. Twitch will ban anyone who uses one of three terms:

  • Incel (involuntary celibate) – A person who believes they are unable to sexually attract other individuals and is often unfriendly to others who participate in sexual activities.
  • Virgin – A person who has never had sexual relations.
  • Simp – Someone who goes above and above for someone they care about but who does not return their sentiments.

Twitch explicitly mentioned those three phrases, which is unusual, although they have previously been prohibited. Furthermore, insults of any type are not permitted on Twitch in general.

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Furthermore, users are not permitted to incite violence against one another. You can’t try to make the conversation or the streamer unfriendly to anybody else.

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