Adin Ross Reveals Why He Permanently Banned From Twitch

Kick sensation Adin Ross recently divulged the reason behind his permanent ban on Twitch during an appearance on the renowned Full Send podcast.

Having emerged as one of the most prominent content creators on Kick, Ross found himself entangled in controversies due to feuds with various rivals on Twitch.

While Ross initially claimed that Twitch banned him for “no reason,” he later changed his statement, acknowledging that the ban was a consequence of an incident that occurred during one of his streams.

Now, the Kick streamer has decided to come clean about the ban, shedding light on what transpired to both the Nelk Boys.

Adin Ross Addresses Twitch’s “Petty” Ban

According to Ross, Twitch chose to indefinitely suspend him because of Kick. However, the situation is more nuanced than it appears.

“My Kick chat box was positioned in the top right corner. And dude, they hardly ever ban anyone for that sh*t. They banned me due to lack of chat moderation,” he revealed. “That’s absolutely ridiculous, considering that people’s Twitch chats are filled with slurs all the time.”

In the past, instances of unmoderated chats have led to streamers being banned. Interestingly enough, Twitch itself has faced criticism for the moderation on its own channels.

“I had a Kick chat overlay on my Twitch stream,” he added. “Obviously, they noticed that I was streaming on Kick, and slurs were being typed in the chat. So they decided, ‘screw it.’ They were just being petty.”

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Ross expressed his displeasure with the ban, pointing out that numerous streamers engage in wild activities regularly and manage to evade consequences. This showcases the strained relationship between him and Twitch.

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