Who is Hannah Owo? Her Age, Real Name, Relationship and More

Get ready to discover the world of Hannah Owo, an internet sensation. From her fun presence on different websites to her cool nicknames and interesting life story, let’s find out what makes her so famous online.

Who is Hannah Owo?

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Hannah Owo is a content creator from the US who does cool stuff on the internet. She’s famous on platforms like OnlyFans, Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Her real name is Hannah Kabel, but online, she goes by names like Aestheticallyhannah, Notaestheticallyhannah, and Hannah Owo. Some of her fans call her Hannah Uwu. She’s around 20 years old as of June 2023, and she was born in 2002, with her birthday on November 21st.

Hannah grew up in the United States with her family. She has a sister and a brother, and her mom is a homemaker while her dad works at a factory. Even though she’s open about her online life, she keeps her childhood, parents, and education private.

Hannah is about 5 feet and 5 inches tall (165 cm), and she weighs about 121 pounds (55 kg). Her body measurements are 31-24-33 inches (79-61-84 cm), and she has brown hair and brown eyes that make her look really nice. People from all over the world like watching what she does on the internet because she’s so interesting and unique.

How did Hannah Owo become so famous?

Hannah Owo became famous through the video-sharing platforms TikTok and Twitch. She started posting lip sync, dance videos, Just Chatting videos, and gaming broadcasts on these platforms when she was just 16 years old. Her videos quickly went viral, and she soon amassed a large following.

Back in 2018, Hannah started her influencer journey on TikTok. She began by making short videos where she mimicked songs. People liked what she did, and she became really popular. Lots of folks started following her, and her videos got millions of likes.

As a social media influencer, she enjoys using all sorts of social media sites. She called her YouTube channel “Hannah owo.” Even though she made the channel in 2014, her first video didn’t come until 2019. She mostly shows how to do makeup in her videos. But because of some problems, she could only put up four videos on YouTube in the last two years.

In October 2020, she also started a Twitch channel. On Twitch, she does different things like just talking to people or playing games like Genshin Impact and Phasmophobia. People who like her can watch her there too.

Hannah Owo Net Worth

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Hannah has a bunch of money, probably around $2 to $3 million. She gets this money from things like people paying to be members of her stuff, companies paying her to talk about their stuff, and other ways too. Big brands also ask her to help them sometimes because she’s famous.

Facts about Hannah Owo

  1. She made a new account called hannahspat to avoid getting banned.
  2. Hannah started a Funny Romantic TikTok account.
  3. One of her favorite songs is “Moving on” by Sarah and the Sundays.
  4. Her YouTube channel, Owo, has four videos. One is called “NEW Updated E-Girl Cosmetic Tutorial!”
  5. She really likes playing Genshin Impact.
  6. She’s got a big collection of books all about Pokemon.
  7. She loves to travel and dance.
  8. If you check out her YouTube, you’ll see she’s a big fan of Korean food.
  9. Hannah has a cute cat named Earl that she keeps as a pet.


And that’s the story of Hannah Owo! From starting on TikTok to shining on Twitch and YouTube, Hannah’s journey is exciting. With lots of money and a love for unique things, she’s a big deal online. She shows us how the internet can make anyone a star.

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