How to Be TikTok Famous Creator – 5 Tips To Be A TikTok Star!

how to be TikTok famous

You might have heard that it’s sort of easy to get popularity on TikTok. Luckily, that’s true. No wonder TikTok celebs have been growing rapidly nowadays. Then, how to be TikTok famous creator? What are the things you should do to really get your channel into massive popularity?

Additionally, TikTok’s algorithm works differently from Facebook’s or Instagram’s. If Instagram or Facebook will recommend content based on followers or viewer count, TikTok recommends clips based on what the audience is watching and interacting with. As a result, it’s more friendly for newcomers to rack up views and grow careers.

Let’s find out the best routes on how to get TikTok famous fast. Check it out!

1. Find Your Niche

how to become tiktok famous overnight
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The most important thing to start a journey on TikTok is you enjoy the process. In order to do that, it’s advisable to choose a niche that interests you. Choosing your favorite niche will also encourage you to give the best to your content.

Don’t forget to showcase your unique skills and talents to attract more eyeballs. Other than that, adding a signature spin is also a great idea so your content will look more authentic.

2. How to Become TikTok Famous Hack: Know and Join The Trend on TikTok

how to become tiktok famous hack
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If your goal is not only having fun on TikTok but getting famous as well, then paying more attention to trends is a must. Following the trend in social media is a good strategy to increase your visibility. For instance, you can join some TikTok challenges, or other trends to be well-seen.

In order to find trends on TikTok, you can check on the most-watched posts on competitors’ channels, observe content through the FYP or Discovery page, or lastly, follow #tiktokchallenge or #trendalert hashtags.

Additionally, to reach the top page, remember to put the trending hashtags and also popular music to generate billions of views.

3. How to Be TikTok Famous: Post As Often As You Can

how to become tiktok famous in a week
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If posting content too often on other social media will be considered spamming, doing the same thing on TikTok will open wider opportunities to get popularity. It’s basically a form of consistency, which is the primary key to TikTok’s success.

Everyone on TikTok is craving more content from their favorite creators. So, every time you produce high-quality videos on your TikTok account, you are always one step closer to be famous. Additionally, if you can generate an average viewer count up, you’ll be more visible, even to new users.

However, despite being allowed to publish content frequently, but doesn’t mean you can post them at random times. It should be on TikTok best time to reach the right target on their online time. Other than that, you should also make sure that you post interesting content. For instance, you can create split videos, duets, or more!

If you don’t know how to begin creating TikTok, you can learn it from the scratch through our article: How To Make TikTok Video? A Guide To Making Stunning Videos.

4. Collaborate with Other Creators

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One of the best game plans to generate more views on TikTok is collaborating with other popular TikTokers. Thanks to TikTok features such as Duets and Stitches that make it easier for you to get in touch with them.

Other than that, you can also try to approach them directly to create a video together, so your content might get featured on their page, and vice versa. However, if you are a small TikToker, it would take a little more effort to get noticed by the popular creators. But if you consistently approach them (not spamming), they might eventually see your existence. Just keep it up!

5. Engage with the Audience

Not only creators that always need to be noticed. It applies to the viewers too! If someday you successfully gain billion of views and fans, don’t forget to keep in touch with them, or they’ll leave you because you never see their existence!

Engaging with fans will increase the chemistry between both parties. You’ll later be able to understand what your fans are looking for, what type of content they’re always watching, and more. So do they.

Once you’ve made a strong chemistry between you and your fans/viewers, it will little by little grow their loyalty to you. And this is a great sign of your success.

Any engagements you can do on TikTok are including comment-replies, lives, likes, follow-backs, making videos from their comments, and many others.


Now that you know some tips on how to be TikTok famous, you can start these tactics from now on. However, after you’ve done anything written here, do not expect that you can gain popularity overnight. It still needs consistency, hard work, creativity, and skill to really make it come true. Keep sailing until you reach your destination.

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