How old is Penguinz0 aka Cr1tikal? Age, Net Worth, and Everything


Charles White Jr., who is also known as Cr1tikal and penguinz0 online, is a popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer. On his YouTube channel, he shares a wide range of videos, including gaming content and commentary on things like Internet culture, current events, and video games. He’s also one of the most popular and highest-earning Twitch streamers. Let’s delve into his life.

Cr1tikal Personal Life

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If you don’t recognize him yet, Penguinz0 is the same person as Cr1TiKaL. He l has always been Charlie’s online alias, especially when he streams games, even from the time he started uploading his first videos on YouTube. He chose the name Penguinz0 for his channel because he has a fondness for penguins.

Charles White Jr. was born on August 2, 1994, in Tampa, Florida. In one of his videos called “Decade Review,” Charlie mentioned that he once dreamed of becoming a professional basketball player. He even played on his high school varsity team. However, he realized that his height of 5’6″ would likely prevent him from pursuing a career in the NBA.

During his teenage years, Charlie struggled with low self-esteem, as he has mentioned in some of his streams. For eight years, he kept his face hidden from the public. He also talked about his battles with OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). Additionally, he experienced a collapsed lung three times due to a condition called pneumothorax. In 2011, he underwent surgery to repair the injury.

In 2016, he started dating Tiana Tracy, and they have been together ever since.

Penguinz0 Net Worth

Cr1tikal has earned a lot of money from his online activities. In addition to his channels on these platforms, he also has accounts on various social media sites and other ventures. It is estimated that MoistCr1tikal’s net worth is around $10,000,000. Let’s see the breakdown.


Being one of the most subscribed streamers on Twitch, Cr1tikal likely earns a significant amount of money from the platform.

Streamers usually earn money through ad revenue, bits (virtual goods), and subscriptions from viewers. These earnings can vary over time. However, with 19,559 active subscriptions, Cr1tikal may be earning $68,000 per month from Twitch subscriptions alone. This is based on the assumption that he receives a 70/30 split with Twitch and all his subscribers are on Tier 1. This is just a portion of his total earnings from live streaming.

According to a leaked Twitch document in 2021, Cr1tikal ranked in the top 22 highest-paid streamers on the platform. He reportedly earned $2,098,742.63 between August 2019 and 2021.


According to data from Social Blade, Cr1tikal’s monthly earnings from his YouTube channel (penguinz0) range from $39,300 to $628,600. This translates to roughly $471,500 to $7,500,000 per year, assuming his channel is monetized.

Other sources of income

Aside from streaming and content creation on YouTube and Twitch, MoistCr1tikal is involved in other ventures.

He co-hosts a podcast called The Official Podcast, which can be found on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Additionally, he runs a merchandise store called Moist Global, where he sells clothing and other items. These are just a few examples of his income sources beyond content creation.


Over the years, Cr1tikal has been sponsored by various companies and brands. Some notable ones include:

  • G Fuel: an energy drink brand
  • FitBod: a workout app
  • Honey: a coupon company
  • MeUndies: an underwear and apparel brand
  • World of Tanks Blitz: a tank shooter video game

Penguinz0 Career Journey

Charlie started creating content on YouTube when the platform was still new and not as popular as it is today. He uploaded a video about a glitch in the game Gears of War, but it didn’t get much attention. However, his channel gained traction when he uploaded a video called “The Most Difficult Game Ever Created Gameplay and Commentary,” which went viral.

After that, his channel grew steadily, and he created various series of videos, such as The Real Series, Cooking Series, Funtage, Moistmeter, and Slapping Series. In 2014, his channel reached one million subscribers, although he temporarily lost some due to a glitch. But he bounced back and reached over 10.5 million subscribers by May 2022.

In addition to YouTube, Charlie expanded his content to Twitch in 2018. He gained popularity through his Twitch streams, especially for his chess and Among Us tournaments with other famous streamers. One of his most-watched clips on Twitch was when he won a chess match against xQc in just six moves.

Charlie has faced controversies and feuds with other YouTubers, including MaximillianMus, Vegan Gains, NikocadoAvocado, and DarkViperAU. His YouTube channel has also received copyright strikes, but they were later resolved in his favor.

Despite these challenges, Charlie has been creating content for the past 15 years and continues to do so.


Cr1tikal, or Penguinz0, has made a significant impact as a YouTuber and Twitch streamer. With a wide range of content, he has gained a massive following and achieved remarkable success. His journey serves as an inspiration in the world of online entertainment.

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