Kai Cenat Profile: Age, Relationship, Net Worth, and More in 2023


Meet Kai Cenat, a New York City native who skyrocketed to fame through social media. Starting his YouTube channel in 2012, Kai aimed for 1 million subscribers while considering a career in dance. Focusing on social media instead, he attended Frederick Douglass Academy and dropped out of college to pursue his entertainment career. Let’s explore Kai’s journey to success.

Who is Kai Cenat?

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Kai Cenat was born on December 16, 2001, in New York City, New York. He started his YouTube channel in 2012.

When he was in middle school, Kai had a goal of reaching 1 million subscribers on YouTube. However, he also briefly considered becoming a professional dancer.

Eventually, he decided to focus on building a career in social media while attending Frederick Douglass Academy in Harlem.

Kai began posting videos on his official YouTube channel in 2018 while he was studying at Morrisville State College. However, he later dropped out of college to pursue his entertainment career.

Kai has kept his personal life and relationships private. He hasn’t confirmed any official romantic partners yet. Currently, he is single and not dating anyone.

There have been rumors and speculation about Kai having flings and hookups with various women, but he hasn’t officially confirmed any of them.

Kai Cenat Career Journey

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In 2018, Kai started making videos on his YouTube channel, focusing mainly on vlogs and pranks. However, it took some time for his channel to become popular.

Things started to change for Kai in 2021. In July, he had 800,000 subscribers, but by August, his subscriber count reached 1 million. This boost in popularity happened when he met rapper Lil Uzi Vert in Italy and created a lot of videos with him.

During the same year, Kai also started his Twitch channel. He gained even more followers when he invited rapper Bobby Shmurda to learn the Woo Walk dance together.

In 2022, rapper Lil Baby appeared on one of Kai’s streams. After the stream reached 225,000 viewers, Kai gifted Lil Baby with $80,000.

In November 2022, Kai announced that he would participate in a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II tournament with a prize of $250,000. This came after he became the most subscribed Twitch channel.

Currently, Kai Cenat has 3 million followers on Twitch and 3.07 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Kai Cenat Net Worth

Kai Cenat now holds the title of the second most subscribed Twitch streamer, just behind Casimito, and he has the potential to claim the top spot from the Brazilian streamer. Kai Cenat’s estimated monthly earnings from paying subscribers range from $66,995 to $136,133. With such figures, he is expected to easily generate an annual revenue of over $1 million.

On YouTube, Kai’s main channel receives over 10 million views every month, which translates to an estimated $500,000 in ad revenue. Additionally, he supplements his income with various brand deals. As a result, Kai Cenat currently has a net worth of $2 million.


Kai Cenat’s determination paid off as he became a popular YouTuber. In 2021, his subscriber count surged after collaborating with rapper Lil Uzi Vert. Kai expanded to Twitch and gained millions of followers. With a net worth of $2 million, he has firmly established himself in the digital realm. Kai Cenat’s story is a testament to the possibilities of pursuing one’s passion.

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