5 Most-Watched Minecraft Streamers 2023: xQc, Cellbit, and More


Minecraft Twitch streamers have risen to prominence in the gaming community, thanks to the game’s sandbox world and boundless potential. Their popularity on Twitch can be credited to their entertaining personalities, impressive gameplay, and the enduring allure of Minecraft itself. Now let’s take a look at the most-watched Minecraft streamers in 2023.

1. xQc

Source: Early Games

Felix “xQc” stands out as one of the most prominent content creators for Minecraft. With nearly 12 million followers on Twitch, he is undeniably one of the most recognizable and popular streamers worldwide. Although not exclusively focused on Minecraft, he ventured into the game to take on challenges and surpass existing speedrunning records. His captivating content resonated strongly with his dedicated fan base, leading him to the throne as the most-watched Minecraft streamer with a mind-boggling total of over 13,742,341 hours watched in the past 30 days.

2. 한동숙 (Handongsuk)

Esteemed Korean variety streamer Handongsuk has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity since playing Valorant and Minecraft. As a stalwart of the Korean streaming community since November 2016, he has amassed the second-highest number of hours watched among variety content creators, totaling over 3,728,825 hours. His content features classic modded Minecraft gameplay, including multiplayer open-world exploration, survival challenges, and PvP-based gameplay. Despite being one of the most-watched streamers on Twitch, he has a humble amount of 580,067 followers.

3. Cellbit

Source: Tech Tudo

Brazilian YouTuber, game developer, writer, and Twitch streamer Rafael “Cellbit” Lange holds the title of the fourth most-watched Portuguese channel and the 19th most-watched channel on Twitch overall. He began streaming in February 2012 and has managed to amass a whopping count of over 2,812,691 million followers on the platform. Cellbit’s content usually revolves around Minecraft modded series, challenges, and custom map adventures, earning him the third most-watched Minecraft content creator on Twitch in the past 30 days with an astonishing count of 4,044,073 hours watched as reported by TwitchMetrics.

4. Roier

Mexican content creator Sebastian “Roier” is the fourth most-watched Minecraft streamer in the past 30 days. As the only Spanish-speaking Minecraft content creator in the top five, he has surpassed other Spanish-speaking Twitch royalty to earn this position. Roier has been active on Twitch since January 10, 2014, and has amassed an impressive count of over 1.7 million followers on the platform. Most of his content comes from QSMP, a private, modded Minecraft survival multiplayer server run by Quackity, which is the world’s first-ever multilingual Minecraft SMP server. In the past 30 days, Roier accumulated over 2,714,037 hours viewed.

5. 삼식 (inecr7024)

Han Seung-jun, better known as 삼식 or Three Meals online, is a Korean variety streamer and the fifth most-watched Minecraft content creator in the past 30 days on Twitch. He is a member of the Yang Thing Crew and has been active on Twitch since July 27, 2012. 삼식 is mostly known for his multiplayer open-world challenges, apart from the usual PvP competitive game servers. According to TwitchMetrics, he has accumulated over 1,753,378 hours watched in the past 30 days, and his inecr7024 Twitch handle currently has 261,780 followers.


Minecraft Twitch streamers continue to captivate audiences with their entertaining content and engaging gameplay. Their presence on Twitch showcases the endless possibilities the game offers, making it a dynamic platform for creativity, survival challenges, and multiplayer adventures. Viewers can learn from these talented streamers, find inspiration for their own Minecraft journeys, or simply enjoy the captivating gameplay that has made Minecraft a beloved title within the gaming community.

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