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How to Enable Wild Rift Highlights and Clip Them Using Eklipse

The Wild Rift highlights feature is one of the game features that enables you to rewatch your gameplay and save them. In addition, this Champion Highlights feature serves to save a snapshot of the match section that shows your achievements.

You can use the Champion Highlights feature to show off on social media. This feature can save video footage containing epic battle scenes. For example, during a killing spree, shutdown, and so on. The average video duration is quite short, under 60 seconds or 1 minute depending on the length of the fight.

In this opportunity, we will show you how to activate, view, and save Champion Highlights.  This feature will save video footage of your epic battle scenes.

So are you curious about how to activate the Champion Highlights feature and how to clip your best moments? Here’s how to do it.

How to Enable Wild Rift Highlights

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The first way is to activate the Champion Highlights feature. Here are the steps:

  1. The first step you have to do is please open the ‘SETTINGS’ section in  “LoL: Wild Rift.”
  2. After that, enter the ‘PLAYBACK’ section.
  3. Next, please press ‘Enable’ in the ‘Champion Highlights’ section.
  4. Select the video quality in the ‘HD Recording’ section (there are Low, Medium, and High).

There is a warning from Riot Games that you should note that enabling this feature may affect game performance. Like can make slow or stuttering (dashed). You need to consider carefully if your phone’s specification is not too high.

Save and View Video Highlights

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The second way is to save and view video highlights. Video Champion Highlights will be available at the end of the battle.

  1. First, press the video button in the bottom menu on the battle statistics page.
  2. After that, the game will show some recorded video highlights. 
  3. Press the ‘SAVE TO DEVICE’ button to save it on your mobile phone.

After you save the video, you can view it in Profile > Match History > My Video. This page will show all the video highlights from various matches. You can view the video recorded by Champion Highlights through your smartphone gallery, precisely in the Wild Rift Highlights folder.

Alternative: Replay Battle

The other way is to make a screen recording of the game replay. Using the replay battle feature will require you to re-watch the match. This “LoL: Wild Rift” battle replay feature is located on the ‘Match History’ page. Please press the rightmost button (Play button with arrow circle) contained in the match. You must enable the Champion Highlights feature on the list.

If you replay the match, then you can choose one of three viewing options. To issue these options, please press the settings button in the upper right corner.

You can choose the Fog of War view and the control view that works to see other champions.  Meanwhile, if you want to record full screen without buttons, please press the third ‘INTERFACE SWITCHING’ option.

After you finish recording the screen will contain a replay of the match. You can edit and cut videos as you wish. Not only that, you can also crop videos in a square shape when you upload them on Instagram.

How to Clip Wild Right Highlights Automatically with Eklipse

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An alternative to getting your Wild Rift highlight is by using Eklipse, a powerful AI that is able to capture your gaming highlights automatically.

With Eklipse, you no longer have to separate your amazing clips manually. Just sit back, keep playing and let Eklipse do everything for you! Moreover, you can also convert your video to TikTok and add songs your video.

Here’s how to get your Mobile Legends using Eklipse.

  1. First of all, log in to Eklipse or sign up if you haven’t.
  2. To upload your stream, click the switch-shaped option. This will take you to your connection status where you can connect your Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook gaming account with Eklipse.
  3. Go to your Stream Library. You will have options to select All Streams or Processed, In Progress, and Unclipped streams. To create a highlight video, pick an unclipped stream and allow it to process.
  4. The AI will automatically verify the game you have been streaming on your channel. Next, it will find the best moments from your stream and make edited clips.
  5. Once the AI has finished editing and clipping all the best moments, it will send you a notification.
  6. Next, you can select the highlights you would like to merge into one video. You can also trim your clip, add music, and edit it however you like.
  7. Once you are satisfied with your final result, you can either choose to download it or share it to your social media!


So, that’s how you can get Wild Rift highlights easily. You can either enable the highlight settings from in-game and record it manually or you can use Eklipse that can compile your highlights automatically. Of course, the latter would save you much more time. We hope that this guide is useful for you.

Stay tuned on Eklipse for more gaming tips and tricks!


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