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How to Get Channel Points on Twitch?

Easy Tips on How to Get Channel Points on Twitch

Are you thinking about how to get channel points on Twitch? We have discussed some easy tips to increase your channel twitch channel points. Channel points are tied to an automatic reward that streamers can customize. They can also create their prizes, such as “choose the next channel to relay”, “set background music” or “make me dance while broadcast”. But do you know you can increase your points with some easy tips? In this article, we have discussed how to get channel points on Twitch channel?

How to Get Channel Points on Twitch?

From time to time, you earn channel points by watching videos and streams on channels. In addition, you will receive notifications at regular intervals at the bottom of the chat window. Click on them to get more points.

  • To get them, click on the notification. Your balance will be updated.
  • By subscribing to the channel, you get twice as many points per view.
  • Channel points for views and participation in the raid are automatically credited to your account.
  • Points are assigned to each registered channel and can be earned via multiple activities like watching, subscribing, and participating in raids. Performing these actions on the appropriate channel generates points.
  • Points can be checked at the bottom of the chat window on registered channels.
How to Get Channel Points on Twitch?
Source: Business Insider

While discussing Twitch channel points ideas here we should keep in mind, Twitch can count on the aggressive business model, capable of distributing money in a much more popular way. We too have made attempts on the platform, and the result has been unsettling: in three years and eighty videos between direct and uploads, on YouTube we have collected just under a dollar of proceeds, while in three months of Twitch we have touched the goal of 100 dollars, which is the minimum to receive the transfer.

The credit goes to a system that is as diabolical as it is perfect from the start, made even more profitable by the arrival of Amazon and its Amazon Prime package. Firstly, all Prime subscribers can have free shipping by purchasing from the famous online shopping portal, accessing the video on demand section with which to watch TV series and films, and for some years now, only once a month, giving part of the value. Secondly, subscribe to a Twitch channel of your choice. A painless donation because it does not require an additional outlay and arrives precisely where it needs to go, that is to our favorite streamer. But the methods to optimize earnings.

Likewise, it is possible to talk about a video game by providing an Amazon link to facilitate sales, and thus receive part of the money used for the purchase or open a fundraiser that allows those who follow us and appreciate us to make a direct offer, without therefore giving a percentage. Once you have won a certain number of average viewers and guaranteed a continuous presence, it is also possible to start a partnership with Twitch and also start earning from the individual advertising passes that the platform will insert during our broadcasts.

How to Earn and Use Channel Points?

Twitch is a platform where the real supporters are the passion about video games, art, programming, and music, which often see creators at work for the pure spirit of sharing, without seeking an economic advantage. However, many channels manage to earn thanks to Twitch, especially in the gaming field, and the numbers confirm this. Over 21% of the total views on Twitch concern eSports, or professional players who train and fight in preparation for or during tournaments.

Around Twitch there is a billionaire turnover. In 2019 the revenues were 1.54 billion dollars, of which only 300 million came in the form of advertising, or companies interested in sponsoring their products and services on the platform. As well as on YouTube, companies are also looking for channels that can “influence” the choices and purchases of viewers and subscribers, and the high rate of trust and loyalty that fans show towards Twitch streamers creates significant earning opportunities.

Advertising, however, is not the only way in which content creators can support themselves financially, even earning considerable amounts, which become very high if we look at the most followed channels. The most popular streamer seen and loved on Twitch, with over 16 million active followers before the announcement of his move to competing platform Microsoft Mixer.

What are Channel Points and How to Get Channel Points on Twitch?

Attracting viewers, followers, and subscribers to a Twitch channel is not easy, the question you have to ask yourself is “why would anyone see you?” or “what to offer that others don’t have?” Have you ever wondered why someone should decide to follow you, subscribe, and financially support you?

Today we are not here to tell you how to create a successful channel on Twitch but to clarify a recent feature, designed to encourage users to follow you, to be active, to participate in your life, that is Channel Points. Surely it will have happened to you at least once to collect points at the gas station, supermarket, or elsewhere to get rewards in return, right?

By spending a certain amount of money on fuel, shopping, and so on, you accumulate points to be exchanged for rewards. The speech on Twitch is very similar, but clearly, no money is required, or rather, there is the possibility of investing in this sense and soon we will explain how.


How do I know when the challenge will be available on my channel?

You will receive a notification from Twitch in the Creator Dashboard and your activity feed. Upon launch, the challenge will remain available to your community for 2 days. This may change as Twitch tests are done to find what works best.

How many channel points will it cost to complete this challenge?

It varies by channel and is set automatically by Twitch. The goal is for the power-ups to provide a valuable opportunity for all streamers. Factors such as the average size of your channel and the number of viewers you have that day are taken into account.

How to get unlimited channel points on Twitch hack?

No, it is not possible to get unlimited channel points on Twitch and neither is there any hack. 

Twitch channel points is a viewer reward program that allows streamers to reward community members, usually subscribers. The program is available to all partners and affiliates. We hope you find helpful above-mentioned easy ways on how to get channel points on Twitch. If you like our strategies do let us know in the comment section. Your feedback matters to us.