Amouranth Risks Kick Ban for “Twerking” on Stream

Kick, the newest competitor to Twitch, has been making waves by attracting top streamers from the Amazon-owned platform in its bid to dominate the livestreaming industry. Among the notable names to join Kick are xQc, Destiny, and Amouranth.

Amouranth, renowned as Twitch’s most-watched female streamer, has been a subject of controversy in the past, resulting in multiple bans. While Kick has been considered more lenient in terms of community guidelines, it still enforces certain rules regarding permissible content.

Potential Breach of Kick Guidelines by Amouranth

One of Kick’s rules explicitly forbids “sexually suggestive content,” including “erotic or sexually suggestive dancing or gestures.”

On July 16, during a DJ set on her stream, Amouranth engaged in ‘twerking’ when the lyrics of the song prompted the action by stating, “hands on your knees.”

Several viewers argued that this act could be a violation of Kick’s guidelines, leading to the clip being shared on Reddit under the title, “Kick TOS: Twerking is Bannable. Amouranth:”

Back in April, Eddie Craven, co-founder of Kick, explicitly stated that “twerking” is against the platform’s rules, particularly when done in exchange for “subs/money.”

As of now, Amouranth’s Kick channel remains active.

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Despite having only recently made the move, her follower count on Kick has already surpassed 100,000.

Moreover, her average viewership in the past 30 days on Kick exceeds that of Twitch, with 11,282 viewers on Kick compared to 6,538 on Twitch.

Amouranth has also chosen to stream more frequently on Kick, possibly due to the higher revenue potential stemming from the platform’s 95% subscriber split, as opposed to Twitch’s 50/50 division.

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