Ed Craven Profile, Kick CEO and Co-founder of Stake

Edward Craven, commonly known as Ed Craven or Eddie, has emerged as a prominent Australian billionaire and entrepreneur.

At just 27 years old, he has garnered significant attention as the co-founder of Kick, a new streaming platform. Additionally, Craven owns Stake, an online crypto-gambling casino that has propelled him into the ranks of the country’s youngest billionaires.

Early Life and Ventures

Ed Craven comes from a family with a business background. His father, James Ashley Craven, was involved in the collapse of the Spedley Group, which resulted in his imprisonment.

However, these events occurred before Ed Craven’s birth. Throughout his life, Craven has engaged in various investment ventures and entrepreneurial pursuits. Notably, he founded a gaming company named EasyGo Gaming.

Stake.com: A Remarkable Achievement

Among his many accomplishments, Stake.com stands out as Ed Craven’s crowning achievement.

Together with investor Bijan Tehrani, he co-founded this online crypto-gambling website. Over time, Stake.com has grown into one of the world’s largest crypto casinos.

An investigation conducted by The Age revealed that the company technically operates under the ownership of a Dutch Curacao-based entity to bypass Australian anti-money laundering regulations.

From Gaming to Streaming: Ed Craven’s Journey

Ed Craven’s interest in video games, such as Runescape, and his fascination with in-game currencies sparked his curiosity in cryptocurrencies.

Through his social media channels and Medium blog posts, Craven has shared his passion for gaming and the connection it forged with the world of cryptocurrencies. This success in the crypto-gambling industry led Craven to venture into streaming with the creation of Kick.

Kick: A Rising Competitor in the Streaming World

Kick, launched in late 2022, aims to directly compete with Amazon’s Twitch. Spearheaded by established streamer Tyler ‘Trainwreckstv,’ the platform has managed to strike deals with renowned creators like Adin Ross, GMHikaru, and Destiny. What sets Kick apart are its highly favorable revenue splits, surpassing the payouts offered by Twitch and YouTube.

Alluring Features and Influencer Support

Kick’s appeal lies in its attractive features and the overwhelming support it has received from the streaming community.

The platform offers a 95-5 subscription split, eliminates deductibles on donations, and introduces a flat rate for hourly streams. These offerings have enticed notable creators, including Myth, Sodapppin, and Asmongold, who commend Kick for bringing healthy competition to the streaming landscape.

Criticisms and Stake Connection

While Kick has garnered praise, it has also faced criticism. Online investigator Coffeezilla pointed out various tweets and posts suggesting that Kick was primarily created to drive traffic towards the Crypto-Casino Stake.

Additionally, the association between gambling streamer Trainwreckstv and Kick further fueled speculation about the platform’s motivations. For a comprehensive breakdown of the Stake connection, refer to Coffeezilla’s findings.

A Promising Future

Despite the controversies surrounding Kick, Ed Craven remains confident in the platform’s stability and profitability. In a recent stream with Big E, he expressed optimism about the business model’s potential to turn a profit, even with its narrow profit margins.

Moreover, Kick has secured significant partnerships, such as becoming the official streaming partner of the Alfa Romeo F1 team, further solidifying its position in the industry.


Edward Craven’s entrepreneurial journey from the crypto-gambling industry to the streaming world has captivated many. As the co-founder of Stake and Kick, he has demonstrated his ability to innovate and create platforms that disrupt established markets.

With his determination and entrepreneurial spirit, Ed Craven is poised to continue making waves in the business world, leaving an indelible mark on both the streaming and crypto industries.

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