Kick vs Twitch: Exploring the Differences and Advantages

The launch of the new platform Kick in October 2022, has introduced a creator-friendly alternative to established giants like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

Kick has swiftly gained popularity among streamers, positioning itself as a platform with favorable policies that cater to even the smallest content creators. While still in its beta phase, Kick aims to compete head-to-head with Twitch.

Let’s delve into the comparisons between these two renowned streaming platforms and compare Kick vs. Twitch.

Kick vs. Twitch: Streamer Revenue and Affiliate Status

One of the major selling points of Kick is its commitment to provide creators with a larger share of the earnings when compared to its competitors. Twitch recently introduced a new Partner Plus program that features a 70-30 revenue split.

While this may seem promising, the program comes with numerous terms and conditions. Firstly, streamers are required to maintain 350 active subscribers consistently for three months. Secondly, the revenue split only applies to the initial $100,000 earned through the program.

Additionally, Kick offers a 100% revenue split on Kicks, the platform’s donation service, allowing streamers to maximize their earnings. Furthermore, Kick facilitates same-day payouts, eliminating the need for streamers to wait until the end of the month to collect their revenue.

In terms of becoming an affiliate, Kick offers a more accessible pathway compared to Twitch. To attain affiliate status on Twitch, streamers must meet specific requirements, including:

  • Broadcasting at least 500 total minutes within the last 30 days.
  • Having at least 7 unique broadcast days in the last 30 days.
  • Maintaining an average of 3 or more concurrent viewers over the last 30 days.
  • Accumulating at least 50 followers.

In contrast, Kick sets the following criteria for streamers to achieve affiliate status:

  • Have 75 followers.
  • Streaming for a total of 5 hours.

Kick vs. Twitch: Gambling Regulations

Twitch imposes strict regulations on gambling-related content. Users are prohibited from sharing links or affiliate codes to gambling sites, such as slots, roulette, and dice games.

Additionally, Twitch forbids streamers from broadcasting sites that lack proper licensing in their respective jurisdictions. On the other hand, Kick maintains a more lenient stance toward gambling in streaming. While interuser gambling is not permitted, streamers can engage in online poker and blackjack streams, depending on the regulations of their country.

Kick vs. Twitch: Features and Tools

Deep analytic tools is one of feature that Kick must catch up from Twitch.

Having been active since 2011, Twitch has had ample time to refine its platform, integrating numerous features and resolving technical issues. In contrast, Kick is currently in its beta phase, lacking many of the comprehensive features and tools that Twitch offers to streamers. However, Kick already has some useful extensions that allow you to automatically clip streams or convert clips into a vertical format for social media platforms like TikTok.

However, Kick shows promise by attracting renowned streamers such as Destiny and Adin Ross. It remains to be seen whether Kick can successfully divert a significant streamer and viewer base from Twitch, considering the challenges faced by previous platforms like Mixer, which struggled to sustain their initial momentum.


In conclusion, Kick presents itself as a promising contender in the realm of live streaming, with its creator-friendly approach and advantageous revenue-sharing model.

While Twitch holds the advantage of having a robust feature set and established reputation, Kick’s appeal lies in its potential to provide a competitive alternative to both aspiring and established content creators. As the streaming landscape continues to evolve, streamers and viewers alike have more options than ever before, and the choice between Kick and Twitch ultimately rests on their individual needs and preferences.

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