Kick Rides the Wave of Twitch Controversies: Breaks Sign-Up Records


In the wake of Twitch’s branded content controversy, Kick rides the wave of Twitch controversies and witnessed an unprecedented surge in sign-ups, breaking previous records. The platform is “grateful” to Twitch for inadvertently driving users to their site.

Over the past few months, Twitch has faced criticism from streamers due to planned and implemented changes. Particularly, their proposal to limit on-screen advertisements to 3% of the screen size sparked outrage, causing some streamers to consider leaving Twitch.

Despite Twitch’s apologies and reversal of the changes, many streamers have already switched to Kick, resulting in a remarkable influx of new users to the platform.

Twitch’s Branded Content Controversy

Twitch, an Amazon-owned platform, faced backlash over their site policies. Recently, they received significant criticism for their plans to modify branded content. The proposed changes restricted streamers from using more than 3% of the screen for on-screen adverts.

This decision upset many streamers, with some threatening to abandon the platform. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Twitch backtracked on the changes, apologized to the streamers, and acknowledged the need for reevaluation.

Despite the reversal, a considerable number of streamers have already transitioned from Twitch to Kick.

Kick’s Boost in Sign-ups

Kick, backed by Stake, emerged as the primary beneficiary of the Twitch controversy. The platform experienced an unprecedented surge in user sign-ups.

Kick proudly announced on Twitter, on June 7, that they had doubled their previous 24-hour sign-up record. They expressed gratitude towards Twitch by attaching a purple heart emoji to their tweet.

Kick actively attracted streamers from Twitch, even offering to cover the $25 fee implemented by Twitch to cancel partnership deals. Additionally, Trainwreck, the third-largest stakeholder in Kick, assisted streamers in getting verified and connected to the platform’s sub button feature if they decided to make the move.

While Kick’s recent success is noteworthy, its ability to challenge Twitch’s dominance in the livestreaming sector remains to be seen.


Overall, Kick rides the wave of Twitch controversies shown a surge in sign-ups, demonstrates the platform’s appeal to streamers seeking alternatives to Twitch. Kick’s success serves as a testament to its proactive approach and the value it offers to content creators.

While it may take time to fully gauge Kick’s impact on Twitch’s stronghold, the recent achievements underscore its potential as a promising platform for content creators in search of a distinct streaming experience.

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