Kick CEO Teases Life-Changing Contracts Are “Up for Grabs” for Streamers

Kick, the rising major competitor to platforms like Twitch and YouTube, has been making waves in the streaming community over the past few months.

Home to many of the net’s top-tier streamers for over a decade, Kick has now emerged as a force to be reckoned with since early 2023, thanks to its ability to secure major streamers through extremely lucrative contracts, some of which are not even exclusive.

Non-Exclusive Deals Worth Millions

One of the most notable instances is when Kick offered Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel a staggering $100 million contract in June. This move caught the attention of content creators all over the internet, even drawing the interest of major celebrities. The groundbreaking contract allows xQc to continue streaming on Twitch or other platforms as he pleases for a duration of two years.

Kick CEO Promises More Opportunities for Streamers Big & Small

Currently boasting a roster of prominent streamers like Adin Ross, Amouranth, xQc, and others, Kick’s CEO, Eddie Craven, has expressed that even bigger contracts await both established and up-and-coming streamers.

In a tweet on July 21, Craven teased the platform’s “incredible plans” for the future, stating, “The greatest days of live streaming are still to come. The greatest live content is still to be produced. The greatest streamers are still yet to do their first stream. We’ve got incredible plans, and Kick looks forward to leading the way into the next era of streaming.”

Kick’s Bold Strategy

While some have questioned Kick’s strategy of handing out massive contracts, Craven remains confident in the platform’s decisions. In response to a Twitter user who criticized the $100 million deal with xQc, Craven defended the move, stating that xQc is a true flagship of the streaming industry and that there are numerous opportunities for both big and small streamers.

He asserted, “There’s definitely 100 x $1m deals up for grabs. There’s even 1,000 x $100k deals up for grabs. All alongside a creator incentive program made to ensure anyone can be paid a fair price for quality streams. Give us time.”

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Addressing concerns about the platform’s sustainability, Craven assured streamers that Kick will maintain its highly-coveted 95/5 split for subscriber revenue. Additionally, the company is exploring the use of advertisements to further support its content creators.

With a vision for the future that promises ample opportunities and fair compensation, Kick is poised to shape the streaming landscape and bring forth a new era of live content creation.

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