Kick Challenges Twitch on The Hype Chat Feature


The year 2023 sparked a battle among streaming platforms. Twitch, Mixer, Facebook Gaming, and YouTube Gaming are striving to stay on top, but now Kick has emerged as a formidable rival.

Embracing Blockbuster Partnerships

Kick has gained attention by partnering with big-name streamers. From xQc to a surprising move by Amouranth, Kick is drawing in content creators with a more lucrative revenue share. Many streamers find Kick appealing.

Unveiling the Hype Chat Split

Kick took an opportunity to target Twitch, its Amazon-backed rival, after a dissatisfied streamer criticized Twitch’s new Hype Chat feature. Hype Chat works similarly to YouTube’s Super Chat, where viewers pay to highlight their messages in the chat, with a portion going to the streamer.

However, some Twitch Partners are unhappy with the revenue split. An Australian Twitch streamer named Tahlia shared her frustration when she received an $85 Hype Chat message but only received $35. She announced her departure from Twitch and pledged to stream on Kick instead.

Kick’s Witty Response

Kick’s official Twitter account @KickStreaming took a jab at Twitch, commenting, “Doesn’t sound very hype.” Kick also revealed that they are developing their own feature called ‘Mega Chat,’ set to arrive soon. The twist? Kick promised a groundbreaking 95/5 split, ensuring streamers receive the majority of the revenue.

The Promise of the 95/5 Revenue Split

Although ‘Mega Chat’ is not yet available on Kick, the platform has delivered on its promise so far. Streamers on Kick currently enjoy a generous 95/5 revenue split on all subscriptions. This surpasses the average Twitch Partner’s 50/50 split, making Kick an appealing platform for content creators seeking better financial incentives.

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In conclusion, Kick is intensifying the streaming platform competition by offering innovative features and an enticing 95/5 revenue split. While the success of ‘Mega Chat’ remains to be seen, Kick has a solid track record of keeping its promises. The rivalry between Kick and Twitch is heating up, giving content creators more options and opportunities to thrive in the world of online streaming.

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