Kick New Acquisition? Ludwig Verified Account Sparks Speculation


The streaming industry has been witnessing a fierce battle known as the “Streaming Wars” for several months now. Kick, a rival platform, has been making significant strides by attracting some of Twitch’s most prominent figures.

Kick’s Acquisition of Twitch Icons Signals a Shift

The recent signings of popular Twitch personalities xQc and Amouranth by Kick have sparked intense speculation about who might be the next streamers to follow suit.

While many have been eagerly anticipating the possibility of renowned FPS streamer Dr Disrespect making the jump, another influential YouTuber, Ludwig, may be on the verge of becoming even wealthier.

Ludwig Dispels Kick Signing Rumors

On June 20, sharp-eyed Kick viewers spotted a verified Ludwig account, which led to widespread speculation that he might be joining the rival platform.

In response to one of the tweets mentioning the verified account, Ludwig himself chimed in, commenting, “Hunter, it’s never too late to build something good and genuine.”

Ludwig took the opportunity to clarify his position and confirmed that he has no plans to move to Kick. He explained that the account was created solely for him to participate in xQc‘s chat.

He further elaborated on Twitter, expressing his frustration at the unintended consequences of a simple reply: “Today’s bait tweet resulted in me waking up to DMs from my boss all because I just wanted to use my name when I type in my Juicer’s chat, so that’s why I fired off a reply.”

Ludwig’s Commitment to YouTube

Ludwig’s denial of any association with Kick reinforces his commitment to his YouTube channel. It appears that he will remain on the Google-owned video platform for the foreseeable future.

Shortly after the rumors circulated, YouTube itself celebrated Ludwig’s achievement of reaching 5 million subscribers, underscoring his significance as an exclusive streamer for the platform. Ludwig acknowledged this milestone, stating that he was “halfway,” implying that he intends to continue building his presence on YouTube.

Conclusion: Kick’s Future Pursuits

While Ludwig has firmly established his loyalty to YouTube, Kick has already set its sights on new acquisitions. Co-owner Trainwreck recently hinted at upcoming signings following the high-profile additions of xQc and Amouranth.

He cryptically mentioned a female variety streamer, a couple of male FPS/variety streamers, and a male personality/variety figure. The identity of these streamers remains a mystery, and fans will be eagerly anticipating any updates, including potential activity on the Ludwig Kick account, such as the addition of a subscriber button—an indicator that influenced viewers’ realization of xQc’s decision to join the site.

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