Kick Takes the Streaming World by Storm with New Features

Since the beginning of 2023, Kick has emerged as a formidable competitor to industry leader Twitch, captivating the streaming community with its exceptional offerings.

This new platform has garnered significant attention, enticing both streamers and viewers to make the switch.

How Kick Takes the Streaming by Storm

Signing renowned talents like Adin Ross and xQc, and providing a remarkable 95% subscription revenue split compared to Twitch’s 50%, Kick’s rapid growth is hardly surprising. In just seven months, the platform has attracted over 10 million registered accounts.

Undoubtedly, Kick prioritizes the best interests of its community. The platform has recently implemented various improvements, such as enhanced bot protection and an update designed to minimize exposure to gambling streams.

Moreover, Trainwrecks, a former Twitch streamer and co-founder of Kick, announced a groundbreaking addition to the platform. Users can now choose to entirely filter out content featuring bikinis, pools, hot tubs, slots, and casino-related material.

Kick Introduces User Option to Filter Out Hot Tub and Gambling Streams

In a tweet on July 3, Trainwrecks shared the news of the latest update, allowing all users to selectively remove potentially controversial content from the entire site.

This includes content featuring bikinis, hot tubs, pools, as well as slots and casino-related material.

“The option for users to completely opt out of seeing bikinis, pools, hot tubs, slots, & casino content on the ENTIRETY of KICK is now available,” he wrote.

The update has received a positive response from the community, with many praising the platform for actively listening to and prioritizing its users.

“It might be time to fully embrace the green app. You guys truly value your creators,” commented one user.

“Improvements to Enhance the User Experience! The fact that creators and viewers come first is monumental! Thank you,” added another.

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Clearly, Kick shows no signs of slowing down. According to the platform, they are experiencing “exponential growth” and have already upgraded their services in anticipation of a surge in users in the upcoming months.

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