Kick Statistics June 2023: Unexpected Surge on New Platform has experienced substantial growth in the first month of summer.

This article will provide an overview of the platform’s achievements in June, including impressive statistics and noteworthy events that propelled Kick to the forefront of streaming. Let’s dive into the details!

Kick Viewership Stats for June 2023

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In June, saw remarkable progress in key metrics, solidifying its position among streaming platforms.

Hours Watched surged by 44%, and Peak Viewers soared by 69%. Prominent streamers, including (former) Twitch stars, contributed to this growth.

Despite competition from giants like Twitch and YouTube Gaming, rivals platforms like NimoTV and Facebook Gaming. Kick dominated the scene in June with high-profile events.

Notably, renowned rapper Drake attracted 105K Peak Viewers during a giveaway session.

The Rise of Adin Ross and Record-Breaking Streams

Adin Ross, a popular streamer, broke records on in June. Collaborating with Andrew Tate, he achieved an astounding 190K Peak Viewers during a joint stream on June 25th. This exceptional performance solidified his status as a prominent figure on the platform.

What’s Interesting on for June 2023

June brought a wave of excitement to, with several renowned streamers from other platforms making their debut on the platform.

Notably, three Twitch legends, namely Ninja, Amouranth, and xQc, joined the Kick community.

According to xQc’s manager, the Canadian streamer signed a two-year contract worth $70 million, which could potentially reach $100 million with bonuses.

Exploring Popular Categories on

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Let’s delve into the most popular categories on in June, each showcasing impressive growth and captivating content.

  1. Just Chatting: Hub of Interaction – 27.7M Hours Watched, substantial growth.
  2. Slots & Casino: Thrills and Wins – 15M Hours Watched, 14% increase.
  3. GTA RP: World of Action – Doubled Hours Watched, thanks to drb7h and Buddha.
  4. Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0: Thriving Battles – 3.2M Hours Watched, 25-30% growth.
  5. Other, Watch Party: Variety – 2.6M Hours Watched, 25-30% growth.

Most Popular Streamers on in June

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Discover the streamers who took the spotlight on in June, captivating millions of viewers with their engaging content.

  1. Adin Ross: Reigning Champ – 6.3M Hours Watched, consistent appeal.
  2. Roshtein: Remarkable Rise – 3.7M Hours Watched, doubled viewership.
  3. xQc: Canadian Sensation – 3.6M Hours Watched, DMCA warning.
  4. BruceDropEmOff: American Icon – 2M Hours Watched, expanding reach.
  5. WestCOL: Colombian Star – Engaging content, substantial viewership.


In conclusion, June was a month of significant growth and noteworthy achievements for

With the addition of renowned streamers, captivating categories, and thrilling events, the platform continues to establish itself as a force to be reckoned with.

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