Logan Paul Eyes Kick Contract, Doubts About xQc’s $100M Deal


Logan Paul, the renowned internet content creator, has recently expressed his astonishment and curiosity upon hearing about Twitch star xQc’s remarkable $100M streaming contract.

The news has piqued Paul’s interest, leaving him desiring a similar opportunity for himself.

The Reign of Logan Paul

Logan Paul has solidified his position as one of the internet’s most influential figures.

From his iconic boxing match against the legendary Floyd Mayweather to his rise as a WWE superstar, The Maverick continues to captivate audiences on YouTube.

Despite his numerous accomplishments, Paul has yet to receive an offer to bring his immensely popular podcast, Impaulsive, to another platform.

However, following a discussion about Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel‘s staggering deal, Paul has set his sights on Kick.

Doubts and Curiosity Surrounding xQc’s $100M Contract

During a recent episode of Impulsive, Logan and his crew engaged in a debate regarding the authenticity of xQc’s substantial contract.

Logan expressed skepticism regarding the actual amount of money the French Canadian streamer was receiving.

At first, Paul appeared uncertain and questioned, “Is that real?” His facial expression clearly displayed his astonishment.

“I find it hard to believe. I’m sorry, but it’s an excessive amount of money,” he commented, proceeding to discuss the significant portion of xQc’s earnings that would be lost to taxes.

Logan Paul in Awe of xQc’s Enormous Kick Deal

However, Paul’s initial doubts were dispelled when he discovered that Kick had received backing from the gambling company Stake. Realizing the legitimacy of the deal, Paul wasted no time in expressing his interest.

“Alright, Kick, you want the number one podcast in the world? Get in touch with manager Jeff, and we’ll bring our massive audience over to you. We’ll do it for $50 billion,” he jokingly proposed.

While the $50 billion figure may seem extravagant, it remains intriguing to consider what kind of offer Kick might extend to Logan Paul, especially if it involves a non-exclusive arrangement.


As of now, we can only wait and see how events unfold. Fans are eagerly anticipating Kick’s next major signing, with rumors circulating that they may acquire prominent figures such as Dr Disrespect.

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