Myth Slams Ninja for Criticizing His YouTube Viewership

A couple of years ago, Myth gained immense popularity for his exceptional Fortnite skills, often collaborating with renowned Twitch personalities Hamlinz and Daequan.

However, Myth has since diversified his content and signed an exclusive contract with YouTube Gaming in July 2022.

During a livestream alongside TimTheTatman and Cloakzy, Ninja criticized Myth’s viewership since his move to YouTube. Myth wasted no time in responding to these remarks.

Myth Strikes Back at Ninja over Livestream Comment

In a clip that quickly went viral, Ninja, who was allegedly under the influence, was discussing FaZe Ronaldo’s viewership when he made a passing comment about Myth’s transition to YouTube.

Referring to Myth, Ninja stated, “Like Myth, he went to YouTube, and what happened? That’s you right now,” before being interrupted by Tim.

Myth promptly responded by quote retweeting the clip on his Twitter page.

“It’s astonishing how someone who has experienced significant ups and downs in their own career and understands the mental toll it takes can belittle others who may not be as ‘successful’ as they are,” Myth commented.

In a separate reply to a user mentioning Ninja’s intoxication, Myth expressed his thoughts further: “Being drunk doesn’t excuse your actions or words. He should take this as a learning opportunity, and I can still call out his hypocrisy.”

Ninja has yet to respond to Myth’s comments, but we will provide an update if he does. These remarks from the streaming mogul have also drawn criticism from FaZe Ronaldo, who referred to Ninja as a “little b*tch.”


In response to Ninja’s criticism of his YouTube viewership, Myth swiftly fired back, highlighting the hypocrisy and insensitivity of Ninja’s remarks. Despite Myth’s strong response, Ninja has remained silent, leaving the possibility of a further response open.

The incident has not only sparked a feud between Ninja and Myth but has also garnered criticism from FaZe Ronaldo, who did not hold back in expressing his disapproval, referring to Ninja as a derogatory term. We will continue to follow the developments and provide updates as they unfold.

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