Nadeshot Open to Full-Time Streaming with Kick Deal


Renowned streamer Nadeshot is considering a return to full-time streaming through a potential deal with Kick, even humorously expressing his willingness to gamble “100% of the time.”

Nadeshot, an early adopter of the Twitch platform, gained legendary status within the CoD community alongside Scump during the Black Ops 2 era by streaming on the now-defunct MLG platform. In a recent podcast, he indicated that he would be extremely inclined, with a probability of “99.9%,” to transition to Kick.

A 99.9% Chance of Embracing Change

Nadeshot talk about Kick is on 47:12

Kick has garnered popularity among streamers due to its lenient Terms of Service and its permissive stance on gambling. Numerous Twitch icons have already migrated to the platform. Notable figures like Adin Ross have made the switch, and more recently, the prominent Overwatch figure ‘Dafran’ inked a deal with Kick.

The owner of 100 Thieves shared that fellow streamers have suggested dedicating “60% of the time” to gambling activities. Playfully, he mentioned shifting from being a “part-time streamer” to a “full-time” one, reminiscent of his earlier days when he would stream for marathon sessions of over ten hours.

Not Without Controversy: A Subtle Critique

Amusingly toying with the concept of joining Kick, he joked with his co-host about committing to gambling “100% of the time.” Such a move would be in line with ‘TrainWreck’, a Kick supporter who amassed a following through substantial gambling endeavors.

Notably, Kick has also welcomed streamers with a focus less centered on gambling, such as American chess streamer Hikaru Nakamura. Nadeshot could potentially find himself streaming alongside Hikaru on Kick’s gradually expanding lineup of diverse content creators.

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For Nadeshot, Kick presents an ideal platform. Previously eschewing a deal with Twitch, he sought greater content freedom, engaging in watch parties for major gaming events and featuring copyrighted music. Despite its merits, Kick has not been immune to criticism. Kai Cenat recently made a subtle jab at Kick after receiving a $40 million offer from the platform.

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