Shaq Shows Interest in Kick Streaming After Hearing about xQc

In June, xQc secured a $100M deal with Kick, drawing attention from other content creators. Amouranth and NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal also show interest.

Shaq’s Surprising Reaction to xQc’s $100M Kick Deal

Recently, during an episode of the Full Squad Gaming podcast, Shaq got wind of xQc’s lucrative payday and couldn’t help but be amazed.

Learning that the streaming giant was paying xQc a jaw-dropping $50 million per year just to stream on their platform, Shaq jokingly vowed to come after him. The hosts informed Shaq that xQc’s streams were not even exclusive, which intrigued the NBA legend.

Curious about the concept of streaming, Shaq contemplated the idea of trying it out for himself. When asked what he would stream, he pondered the possibilities.

With his wide range of interests, including business ventures and music as DJ Diesel, Shaq has never shied away from exploring new opportunities beyond his basketball career.

Shaq’s Potential Entry into the Streaming Space

As Shaq’s interest in streaming on Kick grows, the question remains whether the NBA star will actually step into the streaming space.

Given his versatile background and charismatic presence, fans and followers eagerly anticipate the possibility of seeing Shaq grace the virtual world of streaming.

When questioned about the price he would demand from Kick, should they approach him, Shaq playfully mentioned that his desired amount would be “up there.” While it’s all in good humor, it underscores his recognition of the significant value he could bring to the platform as a celebrity streamer.

Kick vs Twitch, Platforms Battling for Top-Tier Broadcasters

Shaq’s contemplation of streaming comes amidst the ongoing competition among streaming platforms like Kick, Twitch, and YouTube.

These platforms are aggressively securing top-tier broadcasters through exclusive deals, aiming to attract a massive audience and create unique content.

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xQc’s $100M Kick deal sets new standards, attracting Shaquille O’Neal and others to streaming. As the streaming wars escalate, Shaq’s potential entry sparks curiosity about the industry’s growth.

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