YourRAGE Shifts From Twitch to Kick and Joins FaZe Clan


YourRAGE, the internet sensation known for his hilarious gaming content and engaging Just Chatting streams, has taken a momentous step forward in his career.

Renowned for his close ties with Twitch star Kai Cenat and frequent appearances on AMP crew streams and YouTube videos, YourRAGE is now embarking on an exciting new journey.

A Bold Move: Transitioning From Twitch to Kick

In a surprising twist on August 14, 2023, YourRAGE officially aligned with FaZe Clan, signifying a remarkable shift from Twitch to Kick. This strategic decision has sparked excitement and curiosity among his fanbase.

Warm Welcome by FaZe Clan

The announcement video from YourRAGE on Twitter prompted a flood of reactions from fans, underscoring the impact of his choice. “Teaming up with FaZe Clan is a surprising move for me, but I’m fully committed,” conveyed FaZe YourRAGE in a press release shared by Dexerto.

Partnering with FaZe opens avenues for innovative undertakings. YourRAGE envisions exploring uncharted territories, experimenting with fresh formats, introducing novel content, and investing in his streaming endeavors. With FaZe as a dedicated ally, YourRAGE foresees elevating his community to even greater heights.

A Dual Agreement: Embracing FaZe Clan and Kick

Beyond his affiliation with FaZe Clan, YourRAGE unveiled another significant development to his fervent supporters. After painstakingly nurturing his Twitch channel, amassing a massive following of 1.4 million, YourRAGE has secured a crucial deal with Kick.

Following in the footsteps of luminaries like xQc and Amouranth, YourRAGE is all set to embark on a fresh streaming journey on the dynamic Kick platform. The transition is poised to be seamless, as YourRAGE is scheduled to start broadcasting on Kick without delay.

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The gaming realm holds its breath as YourRAGE’s collaboration with FaZe Clan and shift to Kick bring forth new perspectives, groundbreaking content, and an exhilarating evolution in his streaming saga. Stay tuned as YourRAGE conquers uncharted territories, accompanied by his devoted community and FaZe Clan’s unwavering support.

This marks the beginning of an exciting era where YourRAGE pens a captivating story of growth, innovation, and boundless gaming adventures.

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