Analytics for Instagram: Complete Tutorial for Beginner

Have you been tracking your Instagram account’s performance? Many new streamers and influencers have not yet optimized the quality of their content and live streaming on IG. So, for those of you who haven’t either, you must try out the best analytics for Instagram tool below.

Analytics for Instagram is a crucial tool for measuring the success of your posts on Instagram. It includes metrics such as the number of likes, views, followers, and various other Instagram insights that are useful for increasing your followers and popularity on Instagram.

Ready to try? Let’s continue reading to find out what Instagram analytics you should start managing from today!

Most Important Analytics for Instagram to Track

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There are many types of Instagram analytics used by content creators and professional streamers to monitor the growth of their accounts. Those metrics can be categorized into:

  • Account Metrics: Discover the health of your account and audience. Track engagement rate, growth, best times for posting, follower increase rate and audience insights.
  • Post Metrics: Uncover what works and what doesn’t with post engagement, comments, and views data.
  • Stories Metrics: Learn how to evaluate your Instagram stories’ performance through engagement and full views metrics.
  • Reels Metrics: Boost your Reels strategy with insights on shares, interactions, and full views.

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Step-by-Step Using Analytics for Instagram

Using IG analytics is actually very easy. You don’t need to download third-party applications because Instagram already provides this feature for you. However, please note that this feature is only available for Instagram professional/business accounts.

Here’s how to check your Instagram analytics:

On the Mobile App

  1. Launch the Instagram app.
  2. Go to your profile.
  3. Open the Professional dashboard.
  4. Click “See all” next to Account insights.

On Instagram Website

  1. Use the Instagram website.
  2. Click “View insights” under a post for detailed data.

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10 Best Analytics for IG (2023)

Still not satisfied with the data provided by Instagram? Many influencers and streamers utilize third-party external Instagram analytic tools to gain deeper insights. Here are the top 10 best IG analytics tools for 2023 that you can also try:

  1. Hootsuite: Track analytics, schedule posts, and manage messages. Pricing starts at $49/month.
  2. Pixlee: Offers influencer marketing campaigns. Pricing available upon request.
  3. Crowdfire: Free plan for scheduling posts and analytics. Premium plans start at $74.98/month.
  4. Sprout Social: Offers listening, publishing, engagement, and analytics services. Starts at $249/month.
  5. Specializes in Instagram analytics tools. Pricing starts at $9/month.
  6. Rival IQ: Easy-to-use analytics tool. Plans start at $239/month.
  7. Later: Provides unique bio links and analytics. Pricing starts at $18/month.
  8. Smartmetrics: Offers free Instagram analytics tools with optional paid plans starting at $9/month.
  9. Hypeauditor: Analyzes Instagram metrics with advanced technology. Pricing available upon request.
  10. Analisa: Offers free Instagram analytics with subscription options.

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Analytics is the cornerstone of Instagram success. Track and understand your data using Instagram’s built-in tools or third-party options. Choose the right analytics tool based on your account’s size and budget. Grow your Instagram presence with confidence using these insights, good luck!

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